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Notes from #BI4Elite training in Vancouver, BC Canada – Day 5

(For reference make sure to check out the original announcement of the BI4 Elite Enablement class and my post summing up the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 notes.)

Advanced Diagnostics and RCA with Toby Johnson… 

You get a license to Wily Introscope – with solution manager?  Monitoring Dashboards, Root Case Analysis, Service Delivery, Enhanced Supportability.  Wily Introscope stores everything in a SmartStor Database.  Identify the bottlenecks with the dashboards.  Top Down Root Cause Analysis.  The BOE 4.0 Platform Dashboard looked pretty impressive – keeping an eye on the logon times, InfoObject Access, etc.

This looks to address a lot of the gaps we have seen with the CMC monitoring tools.  I believe it is something we have, we just didn’t know it was there.  There are two ways to get at the raw data, jbdc driver and a web service.  Solution Manager uses the web services API to present that data to you.

E2E Tracing with SAP Passport…

End to end tracing helps eliminate the extra information that comes with a normal trace log.  It normally is challenging to identify a specific users workflow.  SAP Passport heals achieve those things.  Make sure as part of your support that you have SAProuter setup.  It makes supporting your implementation much easier.

These sections were followed with a hands on lab pertaining to Wily IntroScope Diagnostics and then E2E Tracing with SAP Passport.

Customer presentations were given by HP and MolsenCoors…

Each explained a bit about their setup, current challenges/successes, and their future outlooks.  It was quite interesting and certainly gave some ideas for our own environment.

Information Distribution with Harjeet Judge…

Information Distribution and consumption – how is your user going to get their data?  As time was running low, we spent most of the time working on the lab and were given additional reference material to review at our leisure.

That brought us to the end of the week.  There were some closing remarks and folks started packing up to leave.  It was a heck of a week.  Two of us came to the BI4 Elite training in hopes of learning additional SAP Business Objects skills.  We certainly managed that and had a great time as well.  I will do a final thoughts post in a few days, but that is all for tonight!

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