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After writing this the other week, I thought of even more ideas.


1. Take a look at the ASUG sessions

As Gretchen Lindquist says in a previous blog:
I found a few more ASUG sessions to add to my agenda and managed to come away with a decent education program to show for the time and money spent. All of the ASUG speakers were well-prepared on their topics, and I especially enjoyed hearing from them...

I pulled together some sessions I worked on with my fellow ASUG volunteers here

To me the above schedule combines all of ASUG's missions - educate, network & influence.  I encourage you to print you initial session schedule in case the conference wi-fi goes out (it's happened to me before at other events).

2. Barista is on both ends of the third floor

Last year this was a very nice attraction - the coffee is good or any other kind of barista beverage you may like.  The convention center is cold, so a warm drink helps.  Last year the lines weren't too long, so keep this "between us".

3. Food is also on the third floor

There are some tight times between sessions so it is convenient that lunch is also available on the third floor.

4. Where to get good coffee at a decent price

See #2 - but before the sessions start in the morning I find that the conference center hotels offer expensive coffee that doesn't taste as good as Dunkin Donuts (across the street) at half the price of hotel coffee.  Additionally, McDonald's is across the street and offers coffee.

5. Exercise

Wake up early and head on outside to walk before the Orlando heat humidity starts; I find it clears my head.  You can walk to get coffee (item #4)

6. Team up on sessions - Divide and Conquer

When I first attended SAPPHIRENOW in 1998 in Los Angeles, my co-worker and I split up on sessions, so we could exchange knowledge with each other when we returned.  This same co-worker and I did the same thing we presented at 2007 ASUG Annual Conference.

7. Watch online (Facebook Live, etc.)

If you can't attend in person, you can watch some sessions online - see Cory Coley's take here.   Last year I spoke to someone who watched all the videos in real time from the pool.

8. Report PDU's to area of certification

Depending on your area of certification, you can count time at SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG Annual Conference as CPE's/PDU's.  It's worked for me.

9. Consider ASUG Sessions Given by SAP Mentors

Get ready for SAP Mentors Magic Sessions at the conference and consider these sessions.


10. Attend this ASUG webcast preview

Join joyce.butler4 and Former Member May 16 for Deep Dive Preview of ASUG BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference

11. Read Previous Attendee Blogs

Read Gretchen's blog

Read Jim Spath's blogs

I missed these the other week.

12. Watch "How to Get Around" Videos

I recall these 2015 SAPPHIRENOW Videos being very helpful:

Getting Your Badge


Getting there


Watch for the Mobile App



Today is Friday, and it's a "Flashback Friday" as I found this old ASUG 2007 Video on a CD:


What did I miss this time?  See Part 2 here
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