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SAP Rapid Deployment solutions represent an exciting new model for SAP customers. They're an integral part of SAP's broader business strategy: To provide instant value to customers with the delivery model they prefer - on-premise, on-demand, or on-device. Currently 14 solutions are available along Lines of Business like Sales, Marketing, Sustainability, Treasury, Supply Chain/Operations, Procurement, and IT.


"The new solutions could establish a benchmark for how companies should look to consume on-premise software. [...] If you're considering SaaS but you have some good business reasons for staying on premise, this could be a good solution..."  

Joshua Greenbaum, Enterprise Applications Consulting,


But are they ‘SaaS-y' enough for YOU? In this blog entry, I'll provide information  to determine if these solutions fit  your IT strategy for Software as a Service (SaaS).


The SaaS model is growing quickly-faster than on-premise software. So how do these rapid-deployment solutions relate to the deployment options of SaaS?  


The answer is a combination of flexibility and customer preference. The solutions CAN be run on-premise, or they can be hosted. You can begin hosted and  later bring the solution in-house or vice-versa. The solutions can be purchased with either a standard perpetual or by-user licensing model, OR with subscription-based pricing. Services for implementation and on-going updates are also included, as is typically the case with SaaS offerings. In short, on the main dimensions pertaining to Software as a Service, the SAP Rapid Deployment solutions deliver, while throwing in choice and flexibility as well.


But are they better than  purely SaaS offerings?


Well, that answer depends entirely on you. What are the product attributes you value? What is the business environment you are operating in, and what kinds of challenges do you need to address? Perhaps you would like an easier integration to other enterprise-wide applications. Or, perhaps you are seeking an integrated, simplified IT landscape instead of a difficult-to-maintain, "best of breed" approach. Of further consideration is whether a modular yet comprehensive array of industry- and Line of Business-specific solution availability is important, or if you only desire SaaS for a single, outlying commodity application like Sales Force Automation. Only you know what will better address your business needs.


Perhaps SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can become part of your consideration set. After all, they combine the best of both worlds-the attributes of SaaS, with the solution delivery, flexibility, and breadth and depth of the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio as easy-to-consume, quick-to-deploy solution offerings. The decision is ultimately yours. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions provide you SaaS plus.


For more information on SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, visit