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UPDATE: per May 16th we've got a GO! The fourth innojamnl will indeed take place, and it will be with or without you. Better make it with you :smile: . You can still sign up, and we probably will continue to accept registrations until close to the event itself.

First things first: if you're living in or near The Netherlands, sign up for this event using the registration page. And don't wait too long, because on May 16th we'll have a go/no-go decision moment, and we want this event to happen on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of June :smile: .

What the hell is SIT InnojamNL?

I mean, you'll probably know what an InnoJam is, and I'm sure you know what an SAP Inside Track is, but SIT InnojamNL? Is this a new type of event?

Well no, don't worry: it's the regular Innojam event that we've been running in the Netherlands for the last three years. The reason we renamed it has to do with changes made by SAP itself: as of 2014 the SAP Innojam brand is exclusively reserved for the Innojam events just before d-code (....

However, this rebranding and the fact that SAP doesn't organise this event anymore, at least not like they've been doing so far (with a dedicated team featuring well known people like rui.nogueira, julienjean-pierre.vayssiere, hester.hilbrecht and uwe.kylau, and of course tons of others) also means an opportunity to rethink our local Dutch event. And so we have also made some changes, which I'll dive into below.

Design Thinking

No change here! We decided not to follow SAP in eliminating the 6hr workshop and 'only' facilitating the teams that want to do such an exercise. On Friday June 20th, we will go through the whole designthinking cycle once again. Why? Because a) we believe this part of the Innojam leads to better final solutions, and b) because we want people to get familiar with it and make them aware of the added value designthinking can bring to an organisation in addressing real world problems. In fact, in my opinion the designthinking part of this fourth Innojam event will be better than ever. Big kudos to jan.koster from SAP The Netherlands for his efforts. He started thinking about challenges and business cases way before we even decided to run the event again!

Design Thinking artefacts from last year (courtesy VNSG)


One of the things Jan has done is mobilising the DesignersDNA group. From their web site:

DesignersDNA is a platform for experienced innovation professionals to share knowledge and experience in using design thinking in innovation and change within large corporate global organizations.

Jan is one of the members of the DesignersDNA platform that includes design thinkers from organisations such as Philips, Shell and many others. Also worth mentioning: Arne van Oosterom, founder of the DesignThinkers Group. Arne and some more members of the DesignersDNA have been fleshing out the business challenges and will be some of the designthinking coaches during the event. DesignThinkers Group is even one of the sponsors (but more about that later). With their expertise we'll be sure to have a great first day!

A and B program

This year, for the first time, we'll have two options for those who want to participate: an A and a B program (actually an A and an A+B program):

  • The A program will let you participate in the Design challenge on Friday, to be concluded by the lovely diner by Haseena Penninkhof (yes, we managed to contract her again!). Afterwards, you're done and can enjoy your weekend :smile: .
  • The A+B program means you will stay for the whole event and help building a software solution, based on the prototype from the designthinking workshop. For the technically inclined (aka developers) this is of course a must-attend.

The entry fee for the A program is € 85,- (for VNSG members), for the A+B program € 125,- (again, for VNSG members). Non-members will be charged an additional € 10,-.

One of the highlights of the event last year: Mrs. Penninkhof's diner (courtesy VNSG)


If you're even faintly familiar with SAP Innojam, you'll notice that the fees mentioned above are a lot lower than usual. This is a direct result of yet another change we've made: we've been searching for sponsors for this year's Innojam event. And here Denise Passchier from the VNSG has done an excellent job (supported by Jan Koster and myself) and managed to get the following companies on board (at the time of writing): The Next View (main sponsor), SAP NL, Ciber, Superp, Intenzz, DesignersDNA, myBrand, Creetion, Vrumona, C/Tac, Phoqus, CGI and newFounders. As you can see the event is broadly supported by a lot of Dutch SAP partner companies, which indicates a) this is the kind of event people want to be associated with, and b) we're very lucky in The Netherlands to have such a great ecosystem of partners.

What else has changed?

Well, not so much actually. We will of course still have some cool technologies from SAP to build solutions with, and as usual we'll have technology experts to help everyone out during the event. We'll have some students again, and a master of ceremony and a jury to judge the teams and to announce the winning team.

In my opinion the VNSG and SAP NL are doing a great job again, and now we want all of you to join and make this event the best sapinnojamnl ever!

So again: if you're interested, you can read more about the event here (in Dutch), and you should sign up here.

You can also follow us on twitter: we'll be using the hashtag #SAPInnojamNL.

Thanks for reading!