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Venue change:  We have moved venue to host the SITBNE at Aurizon instead at the SAP Brisbane office.

The address is Aurizon Conference Centre Meeting rooms 1 & 2, Level 2, 175 Eagle St, Brisbane. It's not all bad, the pub is just around the corner :wink:

We are pleased to announce the 1st SAP Inside Track, Brisbane that will be held on the 29th September, 2016 from 4.30 - 6.30 pm at Aurizon.

We are planning to have two presentations and then head to the pub afterwards for a beer or two.

SAP Inside Track (SIT) is a local event organized by SAP enthusiasts for SAP Enthusiasts. It's a community event where you can connect with your peers, learn from each other, share experiences and be inspired by great talks. A day of Learning, Sharing, Networking, Fun & much more!

Participants from all over world are welcome for this wonderful event. You can plan your travel dates accordingly and join us for the wonderful learning/sharing exposure.


The Agenda is now set. The overall topic is Internet of Things!

Using Internet of things at "home"chris.rae (@chris_rae01)

Get an insight to how iVolve looks at Big Data and IoT and the opportunities within heavy industry focused on mining.

Two of the biggest buzzwords out there at the moment are “Big Data” and “IoT”.  The latter is perfectly placed to fulfil the insatiable data appetite of the former. One of the industries capable of generating huge amounts of data is mining. With scores of large complex machines per site operating 24x7 in harsh environments, the amount of data generated by these machines is enormous. Not just location data, but payloads, oil, hydraulic and exhaust temperatures, tyre temperatures/pressures, oil pressure, fuel burn rates.

In this session come and see how these data points can all be used to feed Big Data tools offering predictive maintenance algorithms and truck/excavator optimisation allocations.

Data collection is just the start, though. The data needs to be consumed, analysed and reported in ways that are meaningful to humans and provide insights into what is happening out there in the field.

With a live demonstration of iVolve’s Fleet Management System – see an implementation of many of the features that have come to be associated with IoT. 


If you have any suggestions for topics, please let us know in the comments section or on twitter on #sitBNE @uxkjaer @vosloo777

How to participate for this event

Participant list

1Jakob Marius KjaerPlaut IT
2Clint VoslooEV Technologies, (SAP Mentor)
3Colleen HebbertCompliantERP, (SAP Mentor)
4Chris RaeSAP, (SAP Mentor)
5Praveen Suluvai
Real Time Gaming

Katan Patel

Fujitsu Australia
8Naomi CottonFujitsu Australia
9Karen CarterAurizon
10David DuncombeAurizon
11Marissa Shipley
12Chetan GargKPMG
13Badrinath MudupalliDepartment of Human Services
14Lalindra GunasekaraDepartment of Human Services
15Marek KowalkiewiczQueensland University of Technology, (SAP Mentor)

Anderson Cavalini

IT Professional
17Ben Cronin
18Ajay SehgalCSC
19Edna Philippa O'Callaghan
20Eduardo Blanco
Fujitsu Australia
21Ravi SanikommuPacific Aluminium
22Andrew DyerDepartment of Transport and Main Roads
23Massimo MerollaAurizon
24Mark van Breda
Rio Tinto
25Tony Straver
Village Roadshow Limited
26Sudhakara Seshachalam



We are looking for sponsors that want to contribute to this event.