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SAP Software Manufactory Supanz has achieved a special success: It has developed an app that makes it possible to have all your SAP and customized accounting transactions at your disposal - individually, anywhere and at any time.

One App - all SAP transactions - individually and mobile

From today on only one single app, the "BS-S Interaction Mobile" ("BS-S IAM") from SAP Software Manufactory Supanz is necessary to provide all SAP accounting transactions and customizing tables.

Supanz Apps are no traditional Apps, but Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), that are dynamically generated surfaces with which SAP users can perform their end-user-specific activities flexible, regardless of location and time, with the highest data security and data availability. 
This is possible because of Supanz SAP-certified basic technology "BS-S Interaction Framework 1.0 © Program Generator" ("BS-S IAF PGEN") and therefore seamless integration into the SAP system. This allows creating all customized applications for all current Android devices from 2.2 and higher with a single standard BS-S Web service.

Three steps to SAP App

1) Download - of free App "BS-S IAM" from App Store.
A detailed functional description you can find on the product page on Supanz website. Operation is very simple, because the settings and input fields are reduced to your individual requirements. After returning from the menu for the provision of the service data, select the appropriate system-client access and enter your SAP user ID and password. For your specific customer system you should ask in your company, if the product BS-S IAF PGEN is installed in the system and access can be made available and enabled technically through the BS-S IAM.

2) Connect - Preparation of des SAP system access.
A competent person in your SAP IT department creates with the BS-S Web Manager - downloadable for free from Supanz website - a web service file for each App system / user access for users. The user receives the information via e-mail as a link to that file. Using this web-service data App and SAP system are linked in a simple way. In addition, user profiles are also created by the Web Service Manager. By this a selection of very specific applications is possible, which are made available to you.

3) Configuration - with "BS-S IAF PGEN". 
The individual design of your SAP transactions is done with the BS-S IAF Program Generator. This operation is not performed on your smart phone but within your SAP system. Create with the BS-S IAF PGEN a virtual program code or program. This is typed in sequence in the field of action of the BS-S IAM App and you can use the individual input fields for your SAP Mobile App transaction. Improve the usability for the end-user by setting SAP transactions for required fields and information. The input and selection data can be adjusted according to the activities of SAP users, which allows increasing the efficiency to a great extent. With little effort, in the form of provision of targeted selection data via customizable tables and functions, these can be made available individually for each application and each user.

Efficiency and Safety
The first all-in-one app SAP scores with efficiency and safety. Just after a few clicks the
"BS-S IAF PGEN" generates the necessary code for the individual user surface of the "mobile SAP app user". He or she receives one or more (depending on application) profile data for the respective external applications. Also the use of the "BS-S IAM" app in the mobile terminal allows fastest response for employees who represent the company externally. The application of this BS-S IAM App is inexhaustible because of the ability to configure itself.

The more important is the access security that, only through the use of a BS-S web service and GUI, can also be adapted to the respective needs. In addition, the BS-S web service, the BS-S RFC module and from the BS-S IAF PGEN generated programs are accessible from individually programmed applications. This allows savings at the implementation of external transactions in the SAP, the creation of special interfaces and Web services - including the error handling.

Mobile apps provide tremendous value
"Two years ago no one would have thought that mobile technology encroaches on such a rapid time from the private to the corporate sector," says Bernhard Supanz, managing director of SAP software factory Supanz. Mobile apps provide tremendous value. Many executives and sales representatives have already recognized this. For who thinks about his mobile business strategy now has many advantages in the future. "The mobile data query of current data faster process execution, greater productivity, easier communication and increased employee satisfaction," says Supanz. By mobile business models also new target groups are addressed. Both in sales as well as the service sector, healthcare and consumer goods or trade include the use of mobile apps for everyday. Currently, about a third of all companies, tend to be smaller than the large, use mobile applications. This share will increase to up to 70 percent in the coming years.

Employees wanted!
"The mobility is endless. That is why we want to bring new faces with new ideas in our company", says Supanz. SAP Software Manufactory Supanz urgently needs a web as well as a system and application developers in the field of SAP. Applications from beginners and professionals are always welcome!

What do you think? Looking forward to all all your comments and feedback!