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Many organizations today have embarked on their business transformation journey attributing the rapidly changing business landscape, unprecedented disruptions, and market turbulence as key drivers. The pandemic has made businesses think about the need for coexisting with partner ecosystems within the supply chain to create new products and services and leveraging technologies in their growth & transformation journey. At TCS, we believe that our collective knowledge and innovation ecosystem coupled with expertise of our partners can help our clients make a meaningful difference to their end customers.

Challenges faced during Transformation
Business transformation is the new imperative based on the need for realizing a higher market share and improving customer satisfaction. Many organizations, however, are still evaluating this change due to challenges faced with the organizational change management associated with such transformations. While businesses want to engage with system integrators like TCS for their transformation journey, they would also like the product vendor to be associated in the engagement. Such scenarios often lack clearly defined roles & responsibilities as well as coordination between the delivery model and methodologies of partners and vendors. Chances are, the services provided overlap, leading to higher deployment costs & increased time to value.

Our experience with IDF in helping overcome challenges
TCS & SAP have been collaborating to ensure joint successes for clients on their business transformation journey, supplemented by the SAP Integrated Delivery Framework. As part of this partnership, TCS brings in its industry experience and business contextual knowledge, while SAP provides continuous validation and solution realization throughout the engagement with its services like Value Assurance. IDF provides a significant support with aligned methodologies and models across different phases of the project which serve as the robust foundation that help to accelerate SAP implementations for clients.

These services are aligned with customer requirements to enhance delivery efficiency, mitigate risks and prevent any overlap with TCS’ implementation services during the deployment. Some of the key tenets highlighted during these projects were:
• Collaborated approach of solution design ensured right business solution for the customer
• IDF helped to identify business critical functions and areas of improvement for process transformation
• TCS’s experienced & practical approach along with SAP’s complementary services provided a risk mitigated project execution

In several joint business transformation engagements, IDF has helped TCS look beyond organizational boundaries and harness the integrated framework to create a shared value add that benefits our customers and the communities in which they operate. The coordinated delivery models and methodologies have allowed TCS & SAP to maximize resources across the value chain during the engagements. Additionally, the reimagined transformation journey has enabled a more engaged workforce, a robust partner network, new capabilities and outcomes for TCS’ clients.

Benefits to the customers
The engagements that included the adoption of the integrated methodologies of the framework, enabled faster resolution of issues, an aligned solution approach between TCS, SAP & the client and early identification of business-critical functions. Key benefits to our customers included:
• Accelerated time to value
• Reduced deployment risks
• Increased certainty of delivery outcomes
• Better met customer demands
• Simplified project engagements

The TCS- SAP strategic partnership is built on the foundation that embraces a collaborative ecosystem to drive innovation, stimulate growth and deliver business value to our clients. As the need for enterprise transformation grows more mature, IDF’s integrated methodologies serve as a catalyst to engage both TCS & SAP and enable faster value realization for their customers. TCS has further strengthened its position as a Growth & Transformation partner, and looks forward to accelerating future transformation journeys for clients successfully with the Integrated Delivery Framework as a recommended approach.

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