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Welcome to the second part of my blog series about calling Java EE from ABAP via RFC, in which we’re going to create an Enterprise Java Bean in the CE server and expose it via the JCo RFC Provider. After configuring the connection, we’re going to call it from ABAP like a regular RFC-enabled function module on a remote ABAP Server.

In the first part, we defined the goal and the means we’re going to use to reach it.

In this part, we will talk about setting up everything you need in order to get the examples to work.

1. Download SAP Composition Environment 7.1

First you need the Application Server Java 7.1. I work mainly with a Composition Environment 7.1 SR01, but we’re not choosy about the usage type it has been configured for or which software is installed on top of it. So if you have a “naked” AS Java 7.1, or a PI or BI engine at work, you should be all set.

I have tried it with CE 7.1 SR01 and SR05 and made the screenshots with CE 7.1 SR01.

You can find the Composition Environment 7.1 EHP 1 Preview at Other downloads are available at

2. Download SAP NetWeaver ABAP 7.0 Enhancement Pack 1

This is the latest on the ABAP front. This AS ABAP with EHP 1 installed smoothly on my laptop and starts within seconds. I have never had an SAP test drive that worked so well. You can download it at Earlier releases should work just as well, because we’re not going to use anything new.

3. Download NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.1

NWDS 7.1 is part of the CE 7.1 download above, where you can choose between downloading the server, NWDS, and both at once.

4. Install and Troubleshoot

Before installing, read the system requirements carefully and consult the support forums if there is any requirement your system doesn’t meet. SAP installations are notoriously demanding when it comes to file system (most want NTFS) and system language (most want English). For some versions, there are workarounds such as creating new service users with English names on a German Windows installation, but for some versions there aren’t.

My setup is a German Windows XP Professional with 3 GB RAM. Both the CE 7.1 SR01 (I don’t know where to find it these days) and the NW ABAP 7.01 install quickly and easily and co-exist on the same machine.

If you have problems with your installation, there is a support forum in which you can find answers (likely, you won’t be the first person to stumble upon a particular problem) at SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

Previous parts

Part 1: Introduction ABAP calls Java via RFC (1): Introduction

In the next part…

…we’re going to work in NetWeaver Developer Studio, where we will create a Software Component, some Development Components, and declare dependencies between them.