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Here's the scorecard of SAP community contacts whom I've met in my top 10 since Sunday:

Craig Cmehil    
Mark Finnern    
Rich Heilman    
Dieter Krieger  
Tim O'Reilly    
Bill Pfleging   
Minda Zetlin    
Alvaro Tejada   
Mark Yolton     
Matthias Zeller 


In Harvey Ball code, full means yes, empty means no and half empty or half full means partly met (e.g, I yelled "Hi Rich in the hallway" or I mumbled an inaudible comment to Tim O'Reilly).


Prior to my first session today, I spent 15 minutes of quality time with Bill Adams, benchmarking expert in the SAP performance, data management and scalability team, getting grounded in the tools required to keep our SCM and R/3 systems healthy.


After that, I travelled way upstairs to the Meet Our Customers session, where I found the round table logistics in need of a little tweaking for next time, and exchanged ideas for this with Denise Simcox of SAP.


Then into my first hands-on session of Tech Ed, where I met up with Dieter Krieger.  I had to bail early due to some technical difficulties, but found the session worthwhile.  For one thing, I collected business cards from neighbors on either side, one of whom works with Rob Jackson (ASUG Archiving Information Lifecycle Management Special Interest Group Chair) and the other a Basis engineer from Intel.  The former (David) has similar growing pains with their live cache system so "we'll talk later."


Down on the vendor floor I got a deeper demo of the new ST06N transaction from SAP and will write more on that shortly.


In a Java Memory Management session, I ran into a peer from Bristol-Myers Squibb and we exhanged Unicode conversion war stories.


Lastly, I spent quality time in the Community Clubhouse, including an hour of face time with Dieter Krieger on storing and retrieving performance metrics, talked to Blag, Marilyn, Mark, Craig, and more of my ASUG colleagues, plus had another chat with Rudy.  Yes, I will bring the blinking lights tomorrow, although batteries may not be included.


Two pictures - one of the ASUG grafitti on the mind map, and of of me and Blag (self portrait).  I hope the mutual admiration society continues.