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It is really surprising for all that the way in which SDN is growing… New and New members every day; Members crossing milestones with their point each week… Really enthusiastic to logon @ SDN everyday! Now the launch of the new feature, ( Wiki ) is going to be marvelous from the beginning itself. One good thing over here is the advantage for the knowledge seekers. They do not really need to post a query over a forum and wait for appropriate answer. I agree the search option in forums will always lead you. But I could feel the Wiki web links simply enable us all the go and find our target easily than a search help. As you know the scenarios in the business varies from one organization to another. It always will be unique in all the places. Hence the way the business run at each places differs and there by, the way the problems comes as well. I sense this Wiki can be used as a knowledge share encyclopedia wherein we all can have an option to put our each unique business experiences. Along with that if we really have a place where everyone can put their difficulties/complexities while converting the SAP into each organizational business, it could be better. I mean a place where we can put the restrictions we face in SAP. This could be any, either from a technical perspective or more from functional side. This really drives others to go and refer this unique dictionary before starting their business conversions. That way it may also help all to come up with the leak parts of SAP (If at all if there is any!). That way we could share those each other and come up with either a fine custom solution or a standard one from SAP. Let’s add more and more practical knowledge as well as troubles faced in business to this encyclopedia and come up with better standards.Image
What you all say?