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I want to share some of the basic topics which we should know while we start our ABAP trainings .

1) First thing which we have to know is the basics on programming (may be C,C++,JAVA) etc .This will boost our confidence level while learning ABAP because most of the control statements and logic which we use in ABAP are same as in other programming languages .

2)Although u know about programming ,during our training we will hear lot of new terms which deals most on business .So a basic knowledge in ERP and a overview in SAP will help you understand some terms which is used by our trainers frequently .

3) Open SQL commands are used in ABAP so a basic knowledge in Open SQL commands will also help us in dealing with database tables .

4)While typing ABAP code ,SAP provides lots of tips for the beginners like using ABAPDOCU(T-code-For searching any syntax also provides lots of examples) .

5)one of the main thing which we should follow while we are writing an ABAP program is to follow the coding standards .The basic standards like using Z and Y for user defined names,using text symbols instead of writing a text directly ,comments ,modification log,creation log and other standards which will vary for each and every organisation.

6)Modularization is one of the important thing in coding ABAP . Our code should be less than 50 lines in the main report .Use includes for achieving it . The includes which i use are

Include Zprogram_name_TOP - Declaration of all variables ,Internal tables and work area.

Include Zprogram_name_SCREEN - Which will contain the Selection screen area .

Include Zprogram_name_Form or class - which will contain the rest of the area if its a procedural ABAP or the Classes if its a OOABAP.

This works really good while debugging and when other people sees are report .

7) Use Pretty printer for aligning ,Code Inspector and Enhanced code check for improving the performance and Quality of your code .

😎 There are lot of short cut keys available in ABAP Please do use it ,it will make our life easier and also know the basic Tcodes .

As of now i thing this will help a person in his preparation for abap class and in beginning programs . I will update everything which i come across in my ABAP Life .So All the best for all who entering ABAP .Wish u all a prosperous future ahead .Thank you from my heart for reading my blog ...