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I was there in the bright & beautiful Saturday morning at the city of Pearls – The Hyderabad.
What took me to the fantastic city? SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2nd Edition!

I along with few of my colleagues and former colleagues hopped in a bus for an overnight journey from Bangalore to Hyderabad. The event was organized in magnificent TCS campus with lush greenery all over the campus. By far the participation happened to be the largest in the history of SAP Inside track events.

I have been attending SIT Bangalore for past 3 years now, been a participant and speaker all through.  This would be my 4th SIT event.

SIT Hyderabad 2nd Edition was a very well managed and organized event.  A commendable job done by the organizing team to pull this off, executing the event in a smooth and organized manner.

We started with a preliminary introductory session in the Auditorium where @Mahesh Kumar introduced the event and a bit history of it and the journey so far.

An extensive schedule of 6 tracks - Technical, Functional, HANA 1, HANA2 & Analytics, Demo track,
50+ Sessions from expert speakers. The day was going to be a packed and loaded with huge amount of knowledge sharing sessions.

The first session started right on time 10:05 A.M.We actually spend couple of minutes to mark the sessions we were interested in, which was already on our mind having the event schedule published already over SCN

The 1st session for us was “GRC 10.1 Access Control on HANA. Whats New ? ” presented by @Raghu Boddu. The explanation was simple and subtle with key take away points for the new features of GRC 10.1, we being basically from Security & GRC domain could right away relate with the session which we were looking forwards for last couple of week. Very well presented by @Raghu Boddu

With a gap of 5mins, the 2nd session started at 10:45 A.M
We went on to attend “Leveraging Fiori technology to recreate the Business Suite screens” by @Manjunath Baburao
The presentation was right on point as Fiori’s tag line goes - “Keeping simple things simple”, having worked on Fiori for one of the compliance business suite. The session was really informative and relevant to our work domain. Fantastic presentation by the presenter @Manjunath Baburao

The 3rd session for us “BW on HANA: Deep Dive” from HANA Track1 by @Dinesh Anblazahan
It was quite a deep dive, got to know HANA algos and the HANA architecture. Couple of questions from participants was answered on the fly by the speaker, very well presented.

4th Session that we attended was from @Soumen Das on “SAP HANA & Cloud Computing – Revolution in Business Analytics”
The speaker tried to cover quite a lot of subject in the brief timeslot of 35mins that we had. He was able to translate the power of HANA not only for the business segment but also for the employee segment.

The point made for us was clear that HANA consultant won’t run out of work at least for next 10 years and would remain high on demand.

5th session in the row, it was 12:45P.M, presented by @Padmashree B. on “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Trial Edition”
It was quite a detailed explanation of SAP HCP and instruction for usage to explore the trial edition.
Very nice presentation with instruction for using the trail version.

Post session, it was time for lunch, so we went on for lunch at the TCS cafeteria where the arrangement were already made. The lunch time was extended to 2:15 PM instead of 2:00 so that the participant & speaker don’t need to rush-up.

6th Session presented by @Shashidhar Kothapally on “SAP HANA Live on SoH vs BW on HANA”
It was a simple and informative session on Business Suite on HANA & BW on HANA with lot of key point to know.

We had to leave for the next session, 7th session. I was to present on Technical Track – Overview on SAP GRC Solution.  The audience being from diverse SAP background, my intent was to provide an overview of the various GRC solutions and to introduce the concepts of GRC. The presentation went well.

There were 3 more session to be covered for the day along with quiz & networking session being my favorite ones. However, we had to get back to Secunderabad due to some personal commitments.

I was going to miss some of the best part of the event, which I certainly did. However, all the sessions we attended were very informative and will certainly bring value to our consulting area of work in larger technology perspective. I am not sure if my presentation made to top 3 in the track, for all the speaker who made it a big congratulations.

We would be looking forward to the next SIT event at Bangalore & Mumbai later this year.

Many congratulations to the organizing team (keep up the good work), sponsors & the participants who gained huge amount of knowledge in the cutting edge SAP technology area in SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2nd Edition

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