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Today's Postal Bulletin is posted, but there's not much to look at in this issue related to our Presort. There are no DMM Revisions in this issue and no Label List changes, just some of the "normal" minor things or announcements like some new stamps (yes, you can now get your "Santa and Sleigh" or "Holy Family" stamps for xmas cards as Forever stamps, in addition to a 15-stamp panel of different "Earthscapes" stamps). And in among the various commemorative postmarks is one marking the 11th anniversary of 9/11 for the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel. The cover story, not surprisingly, is related to the coming elections, with information about the Hatch Act which specifies political activities that are permitted or not allowed for federal employees like postal workers.

Check back in a couple weeks for info about the next PB. With a rate case and related changes set to be implemented January 27/28, 2013, there's bound to be some additional changes coming pretty soon!