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Today's Postal Bulletin is available here. Today's PB has nothing in it related to Presort, only some International Mailing Manual updates and things that otherwise seem "normal" for this time of year, like the mailing schedule for sending packages overseas for the holidays.

Speaking of normal makes me think of "abnormal" for some reason, and if you're reading this you've probably seen a notice on our forum pages about our Postalsoft product line and how the Presort intellectual property (IP - the source code in this case) has been sold to Satori Software. I won't go through all the details, because you can find a lot of detailed information elsewhere if you follow those links, but I will comment that I am part of a small but dedicated group of people that currently work on this long-lived product who are going along with it to its new home. I guess I'm trying to say I'll become a Satori Software employee soon, where I'll continue to work on Presort.

After more than 15 years working in one place through three different company owners - FirstLogic, Business Objects, and SAP - it's going to be "abnormal" to say the least. Most of those 15+ years have been spent on Presort, so I have some deep connections to it! I've also been lucky enough to meet a number of customers through site visits and professional conferences I've been able to attend, and I feel I am invested in making sure Presort continues to meet the needs of you customers who have trusted and relied on it as your mail sorting solution partner over the years.

Well, back to the mailing news at the USPS level - with a rate case implementation announced for Jan 27, the 90 day limit for announcement of changes to be implemented is coming up soon! We're expecting additional changes for January to be published before the end of this month, so maybe the next PB will have more content or there will be some Federal Register Notices published by then to talk about. Check back in a couple weeks for another update.