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Today’s Postal Bulletin can be found here, and there are a number of DMM Revisions but most do not directly affect the presorting of the mail. Here’s a list of the DMM revisions being made:

  • Post Office Box Fee Refunds
  • Periodicals — Endorsements, Supplements to Bound and Unbound Publications (basically supplements mailed in an envelope or polybag with a bound publication do NOT need to have the endorsement “Supplement To” printed on them, and this is effective today – 31 May)
  • Package Intercept (effective 6 Aug, Registered Mail may be redirected, and the text about postage and fee refunds for Intercepted Mail will be removed)
  • Price and Postage Markings Applied by MLOCRs (it seems previously published markings for promotional rate Standard Mail® using postage affixed to MLOCR-produced mailings were incorrect; “PR” will designate regular STD Mail postage and “PN” will be used for Nonprofit, and this is effective 1 July but will not affect PostalSoft Presort since our software is not intended for MLOCR-produced mailings)
  • New Express Mail Price Category — Express Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope
  • PC Postage Presorted Option (“…expands the use of PC Postage for the payment of postage for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, Media Mail®, and Library Mail, and for First-Class Package Service™ (excluding commercial plus) commercial mailings.”)

In addition, remember that we will release new software (very) soon in support of some minor changes to postage statements. Note that the statement changes are product and service related and there are no prices increasing at this time. In addition, this release will provide support for the Intelligent Mail parcel barcode, and that includes support of Mail.dat® 12-2 specification that will also be supported by PostalOne! in their 24 June update.