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Way back in 2009, craig.cmehil challenged the SCN Community to introduce ourselves to each other via a 30-second (or so) video.  A number of SAP Community Network members decided to bite the bullet and submit video clips.  This was all just in fun, you see.  I think Craig felt (and many people still do) that if you can put a face, a voice, or an interesting fact to a person on SCN, you will feel more connected.  And the more connected you are, the more likely you are to engage, contribute, and learn.

It was a great idea!  I found it was very entertaining to be able to ‘meet’ people by checking out their videos.  Of course, having those videos in hand, someone (jim.spath, I am talking about you) decided it would be fun to have a ceremony, sort of like the Oscars, except more fun.  Maybe like the Razzies, but less mean. And this being the SAP Community Network, the SCNotties were born.

So for three years, at most SAPTechEd locations, the funniest, weirdest, kindest, most creative, and sometimes, the most inspiring among us are celebrated. Sometimes you are celebrated with cheers and applause, sometimes with hoots and guffaws.  But it’s all done in a warm-hearted manner, because we are celebrating the people in one of the communities we *live* in.

The categories for ‘winning’ are fluid – nobody can stack the deck if they don’t know what the criteria for judging are.  The requirements are simple – create a little video about yourself.  Tell us what you work on, what moves you, what you feel about this community.

This year, at SAPTechEd Las Vegas, we are putting a little spin on it… In honor of 3 Doors Down playing, and their hit song ‘Kryptonite’, we are asking you to tell us what your ‘superpowers’ are, and what is your personal kryptonite.  Or, maybe you want to take 30 seconds to talk about your superhero?  And if you choose not to go with the Kryptonite theme, that’s your right (and Kryptonite is only a suggestion).

We have many people who contribute, year after year (like me).  But the goal of this little community project is to meet new people – not that there is anything wrong with the ‘old’ people So if you have never created a video introducing yourself to SCN, please think about doing so! It’s fun,  it only hurts a little, and you may walk away with a not-very  valuable prize!

Here are some samples for your viewing pleasure:

Sylvia Santelli (AKA @sylviasant)

Michel Koch (AKA @pixelbase)

Matthias Steiner (AKA @steinermatt)

Jamie Oswald (AKA @oswaldxxl)

Abesh Chatterjee (AKA @abesh)

And here is the blog by the SCNodfather, Jim Spath, announcing the first Annual @SCNotties.

I know, by now you are all so very excited, you are wondering:

HOW CAN I SIGN UP? Cool your jets, we're getting to it.

We've set up this Wiki page, where you can load your video.  Videos that are emailed to me do not count.  Part of this challenge is being willing and able to edit a wiki, and add a link to your video. 

When does the 'competition' start?

For SAPTechED Las Vegas, we intend to allow you to submit your performances starting September 1, 2012, with an end date of October 10, 2012.

No whining about time zones, we are on EST and that's what we are sticking to.

For SAPTechEd at other locations?  Keep an eye out, the coordinators are still working on it.

But you need not be present to 'win' - so please don't let a little thing like geography or travel budgets interfere with your contribution!

Who the hell is 'we'?

That's just how I refer to myself. 

No, really, greg.myers3 and I will be trying to coordinate with other members of the community on judging and celebrating.

How can I ensure a win?

Everybody is a winner.  Just like my mother used to say 'Every day is children's day!'.  OK, so there is no way to guarantee winning, but gifts of cash are always accepted with a smile.

Is it SCNotty or SCNotties?

Now you're just being silly.  Quit stalling, grab a flip cam or whatever, and start having fun.