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Last week the ASUG Education team held a "before you go" call with the ASUG Volunteer Committee.  Several things they shared apply to everyone


Source: ASUG

ASUG said Amway will be packed "more than usual" due to the Justin Timberlake concert.  You will need your conference badge to enter.

There is still room for the Monday pre-conference seminars.

Source: ASUG

As shown above, ASUG has 12 slots with 4 sessions per room each day

3rd Floor Activities

Source: ASUG

Some years a light breakfast was served but now they are recommending you eat before you come over to the convention center.  Coffee starts at 8:00 am

On the third floor, there will be a light snacks offered; for a hot lunch you need to go to the convention center.  I also understand this year for the hot lunch there will be an air conditioned outdoor tent.

Source: ASUG

Now the real important stuff (at least to me) - barista bar on the third floor.  Last year these were at both ends of the 3rd floor concourse. Come up and join us for good coffee, and stay for the great customer-driven led ASUG sessions

Source: ASUG

In the past there would be a line out the door for certain sessions due to the room monitor badge scanning; this year they are using beacon scanning

Source: ASUG

If you attend a session, please be sure to evaluate it.  It is very important to capture lessons learned.

Source: ASUG

There was an update to the Agenda Builder yesterday, so I finally tried the "chatbot" virtual assistant feature:


Slides, slides, where are the slides?

– All presentation slide decks that we receive will be available on the 2018 ASUG Annual Conference Jive space
( prior to the conference.

Later this week please check the sessions at this link and  already some slides have been posted in other areas.

See you next week?  What did I miss?



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