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Hi SCN blogger,

I've just come back here after long time. I'm new here, but not new with the SAP ERP. I have chance to work in varous fields and industries of ERP (Oil and gas, cement, part product...). I especially in Logistic include Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Logistic Execution. I plan to share my knowledge and experience that I've get during my career. I will start from SD, MM, then LE and some other thing that related to it (if any). About the content, it might be the configuration, business process, some scenario or the proposal solution. Sometimes, you might find it similar with which you have ever seen, such as some thread, SAP library..., sometimes, you might see the thing I see might be too specific for some cases or some country only. But I hope that it will help somebody that have similar case.

For SD & LE, I will talk about:

  1. 1. Overview (Include Organization structure, Basic function, Master data, Business process)
  2. 2. For detail, we will have Basic function:

- Price

- Availability check

- Credit check

- Output control

- Copying control

- Text Control

- Account determination

- Material determination

- Serial number

- Batch determination

- ...

  1. 3. For business process (include some scenario)

- Standard sales (with and without shipment)

- Return

- Third party sales

- Cancellation (with or without negative posting)

- Consignment

- Intercompany

- Rebate

- Free goods

- …

For detail, I will step by step find out in the next post. I hope that I not only can share, but also can discuss and store these for further reference.