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Boy you couldn’t jam more local content in to 2 days even if you tried.  It’s hard to believe that the Eventful team have been running the Mastering SAP Business Analytics series for 10 years in the Australian Market.  It is certainly a milestone to behold..   The quality of the presenters is always high with the likes of Mico Yuk, Peter O’Donnell including a number of SAP Mentors: Josh Fletcher, Ingo Hilgefort, Gary Hooker, Corey Adams as well as the recently
appointed SAP Mentor Lestor Meadows but to name a few.

It is truly a vibrant community where customers, partners, thought leaders and experts come together to share knowledge, experience and innovation. Mastering Business Analytics is a true interactive experience rather than a sit-and-listen conference.  It is the only place where I’ve been to where the jump-start (held on a Sunday night) kicked off with a series of speed dating style networking sessions where attendees get to meet and greet other attendees in a casual forum spending 4 minutes talking about an “interesting” topic.  At times, these topics generated more discussion as to “why ask that” as opposed to discussing the topic/question being asked.  But nonetheless it was awesome, a very packed room (so much so, that more tables and chairs had to be assembled at the last minute).

This year saw a mix of sessions and solid focus on community evolution throughout the keynotes… following a massive storm on Sunday night that saw the Melbourne CBD grind to a halt, the conference kicked off formal proceedings with Craig Davis who made us all think about Conscious Leadership and turning
the traditional business thinking upside down, to Mico having us all run on dopamine overload for most of her opening keynote presentations, to Harj Chand
asking the question if we were ready for the big data race?. 

It was a personal honour for me along with a number of fellow veteran attendees to say a few words during the networking drinks on the Monday night.  It was a touching session where two of the event producers Carolyn Watt and Claire Jones received some gifts acknowledging all their hard work throughout
the years.

Day two saw Mico back on stage asking us the very thought provoking question “Is BI Dead?”, to Matt Grygorcewicz sharing with us his data visualisation journey (loved seeing Visual Composer up on the big screen again), all culminating with Peter O’Donnell taking us for a walk down memory lane… asking “What’s Next for BI”…

Throughout the years I myself have gone from attendee, to exhibit partner, to speaker and track chair; the mix of first timers, business user,
technical fanatics as well as everything in between always makes for a unique conference experience.

Well done Eventful and well done to the Mastering BA community for keeping the numbers up and keeping the community strong.  Here’s to many more years to come…