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A web portal aka website is a digital platform serves massive information about the products and services. Through this, users can save time and money by getting information about the product and services. In this digital world, we all are using the help of the website or web portal to discover the product and services or access information. Even here you are reading this article to get information about how to build a website in easy steps.

Various businesses around the world are opting for web portals for different purposes, depending on who the intended audience is. Although, a web portal can be in the form of eCommerce Portal, Blogging Portal, Business Portal, Corporate Portal and more.

Moreover, Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Bing are the most well-known portals on the web. However, there are some domains for the personal purpose that are storing user history, including, emails, contact information, data, profile information, and more.

Websites or Web Portals have become a proven way to engage or attract more and more viewers or users while leveraging them a lot with simple yet impressive functionalities.

Moreover, with an ever-increasing number of users accessing websites 5 to 10 times a day from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. In today’s digital marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. If you are running a website remember that your site should be user-friendly, impressive design for the look or feel and should be compatible with all types of devices, because you are serving much more to your customers to inspire them to become loyal brand advocates.

Are you ready for your first business website, but do not have any idea as to how to get started?

Remember that a successful website cannot be built in a day or a week or a month, for that you have to pay a lot of attention, efforts, dedication and time to create a website. Wait, it doesn’t end there, further, you need to focus on other promotional activities to make a multi-billion dollar website. You can use Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, and Advertisement to make your reach in every corner of the world.

Here we are discussing the following tips to create a successful website in 10 easy steps.

  1. Know Your Area of Interest

It’s very important to decide first that what is an area of interest to assess your goals. What kind of website you are going to build? Will it be eCommerce, personal like Yahoo, regional, or a blogging website? You can select one such niche, that will allow you to use your existing resources, expertise, and knowledge. By doing this, you can easily and clearly set the next process of website building.

  1. Recognize Your Customers or Clients

Recognize your customers or clients is also very important to make your business purpose clear. Many business owners have limited knowledge of what a website should be, what services or products should be delivered, who are targeted customers or clients? It is important that you should identify your targeted clients or customers and their needs. Your services or products should match their needs when they come to your website.

  1. Choose Fancy Domain Name

In terms of various key aspects such as SEO, and brand identity, finding the right name for your website is very crucial. It increases the chances of being located in search engine results easily. On the other end, a catchy domain name leaves a long-lasting impression on customers or clients' mind. Ensure that the domain name should be catchy, impressive, and easy to remember. Furthermore, a domain name needs to accurately reflect your brand.

  1. Reliable Web Hosting

To run your website flawlessly you should purchase reliable web hosting. It helps in SEO and heavy traffic handling. The web page upload time and performance of your website will entirely depend on your hosting provider.

  1. Develop A Strategy For Your Website

You should develop a strategy for your websites such as development platform, number of pages, features, and functionality. Choose an ideal website development framework that is reliable, and secure. Moreover, for eCommerce website, Magento is a good option, while WordPress is the best Content Management System for a blogging website. The selection of web development platform and technologies basically depends on the nature of your web portal. There are various open-source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are popular CMS used for website development. PHP web developers or website development companies around the world use these frameworks.

Before selecting any web development framework and technology for website development, you should consider the following points to make the right selection.

  • A platform should SEO-friendly.

  • Quick and easy development.

  • Choose the platform that supports all types of advanced features.

  • Improve site maintenance.

  • Support Developer Community.

  • Design changes are easy and simple.

  • Should work well through a large number of extensions and plugins.

  1. Design And Develop a Sticky Website

One of the most important things that you need to focus during the website development is clean and appealing design. Sometimes visitors move to other websites due to dull design and fruitless information. If you want your customers, visitors or users for a long time then you should consider neat and clean user interface for your website. Use white space and mobile-friendly theme because it gives clear information about your services or products. In addition, use more photos, videos, and other visual components to add more taste in its look.

  1. Make Content Easy To Digest

Use content that is easy to read, simple, informative, and concise. In terms of SEO, content should be featured with headers, subheaders, bullets point, interlinking, and other formatting techniques. Try to write your unique and short content, because visitors don’t spend huge time reading lengthy paragraphs or pages of content just to find basic information.

  1. Build an SEO Strategy

Whether you are developing new or existing web pages your code should be clean and SEO friendly. Doesn't matter what types of services or product you are offering, but to reach everywhere, SEO matters all the time. And, without the SEO it's hard to reach your customers or users. To make your reach everywhere in this digital world, you should make SEO strategy in a proper way in order to get huge traffic on your website.

  1. Integration With Social Media

In recent time, almost every website is featured with the most popular social media icons. You must have social media icons on your website to potentially generate leads. Through this users or customers can easily share information about your product or services to their friends and family.

  1. Test It Out

Testing is very crucial for finding and solving the bug, speed, and performance of the website. Make sure your website is working well on all sizes of devices and compatible with all browsers.