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The Labeling List changes in today's Postal Bulletin can be used immediately, but must be used by 23 April 2011. You can expect these changes to be included in our product directory updates for March.

One set of changes I'll note specially is the addition of 4 additional FSS sites in L006: Northwest Boston MA, NDC New Jersey NJ, MID Island NY, and Washington DC.

It's always a little interesting to look at the changes to see if there's anything that seems especially significant (well, maybe "especially" is a stretch). Many of the changes amount to slight adjustments in the table entries, such as the removal of the 'S' indicator in L002 column B for NNJ Metro NJ 078. That means no more need to put "Scheme" in line 2 of the container labels, but beyond that I couldn't say.

Others lead to a little more speculation, like the removal from L007's table of 5-digit schemes for PER, STD, and PSVC flats in bundles of nearly 20 schemes from the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/St. Paul), where I lived for a number of years in the previous century. Could we speculate this is a precursor to the introduction of FSS machines in the Twin Cities area? Plans to put FSS sorting in the area have been written about elsewhere, but so far there are no FSS entries for the area in L006. It will be interesting to see if additional changes are coming for that area.

This PB also has a large cover story article about National Consumer Protection Week (6-12 March), which includes descriptions of a number of fraudulent schemes like "The Mystery Shopper Scam" and "Reshipping Scams." This is another one of those topics like "news of the weird" where it's often interesting to see how creative criminal minds can be.

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