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SAP Young Thinkers provides students knowledge, skills, methodology, and technology to inspire a lifetime love of learning and the ability to impact the world. Discover how we put our mission of "create, collaborate and celebrate" into action!

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All our Snap! Learning Modules

Use Snap! as an ideal environment for teaching and learning data & computer science. The visual and live programming language is great for experimenting, having fun, being creative and seeing quick results.

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SAP Young Thinkers Events

Virtual or in-person - our events show how much fun learning can be! In 2021, we had our Trainer´s Thursday series, with new topics every month. If you missed it, check the recordings.

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Learning Experiences

Get to Know MicroBlocks

See how your ideas come to life when entering them as code! MicroBlocks is a live, parallel, visual programming language for microcontrollers.

Quick Start to MicroBlocksMicroBlocks Step CounterFlashlight Tag with MicroBlocks (2 people needed)More MicroBlocks Learning Assets

Snap! Beginners: Get Excited

Experience how exciting it is to discover something new. Participate in one of our learning parties, explore our online tutorials and courses, or try the Snapcloud at your own pace.​

Snap! for Beginners - Part 1Snap! for Beginners - Part 2OpenSAP Course: Get Coding with Snap!Snap! Time Lens

Snap! Intermediate Learners: Explore More

Find your topic of interest, start to explore your own way, and practice as much as you can. Uncover your own talent in creative spaces real or virtual and give room to your creative ideas.

Clean the Ocean with Snap!Snap! Ice GameOur #StayHome Project

Snap! Advanced Learners: Experiment and Build Expertise

Expand your knowledge and skills, experiment as much as you can to become an expert and create or invent something completely new.

Hungry Snake GameClimate Change Slider3D Print with Snap!Tinker with Snap!Stitch with Snap!

Learn about Business Management

If you are looking for resources to start teaching and learning about business processes and management, find some inspiration below.

ERP Simulation GameChallenge Management and Design ThinkingBe Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Businesses

Explore the World of Artificial Intelligence

Use our learning modules to identify AI in the living world and understand the role that automated processes run by computer science systems play in everyday life.

Module 1: Find the AIModule 2: In Dialogue with AIModule 3: Beat the Robot Module 4: Data and TreesGerman Materials