Industry Cloud Solutions for the Utilities Industry

SAP’s Industry Cloud for Utilities completely simplifies access to vertical solutions across the industry. It allows customers and partners to build and integrate cloud solutions that extend our end to end business processes with our Business Technology Platform. Having customer and partner built solutions to complement the SAP for Utilities portfolio allows for more efficient and innovative business models.

New Industry Cloud Solution: Copperleaf Asset Investment Planning & Management

Capital Investment Management solution for enterprise-level decision analysis helps utilities companies decide when and where to invest in order to maximize value.

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Collaborative Water Management In Belgium Benefits People And The Environment

Learn how the Belgium water company Pidpa accomplished real-time insights, standardized processes, and cloud-based analytics by leveraging SAP Cloud for Energy, and Industry Cloud solution.

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Get an Overview of all Available Industry Cloud Solutions for Utilities

Check out the SAP Store and the Roadmap Explorer to see which SAP and Partner Industry Cloud Solutions are already available for the utilities industry.

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Power Product Management Tool by Power Reply

Integrates with SAP S/4HANA to help utilities efficiently design and manage products, creating individual prices for their customers based on expected margin and actual costs, rather than product-based price.

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SAP Cloud for Energy Solution

SAP E-Mobility Solution

The cloud-based software "SAP E-Mobility" joins the family of sustainability solutions helping customers achieve their decarbonization goals. It provides a complete package to Charge Point Operators CPOs to run the business efficiently and effectively.

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Partner Enablement

Industry Cloud offers a lot of innovation opportunities for various partner types and roles. SAP partners find a unique environment in our industry cloud in which the data domains and business processes of the intelligent suite and our business networks are readily accessible through open APIs. We provide knowledge for Service and Resell Partners to articulate the SAP Industry Cloud strategy with your customer. Get more information and deep dive into this topic.

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You want to hear more about Utilities Cloud Solutions? We offer 30-minute Espresso sessions where you get an introduction to utilities-specific Industry Cloud solutions from Flexinergy, TeamViewer, SEW, Exnaton, Copperleaf, LiveEO, Rizing, App Orchid, Locana, eOS, and Utegration.Join us for the upcoming session from Sycnpilot and Prospecta

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