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UI5ers live

UI5ers live is an online series to promote an intensive interaction within our UI5 community. Once a month, the UI5 team opens up the line for 45 minutes to discuss the latest UI5 features, inform about topics they are currently working on, and exchange views and ideas around UI5. Everybody is invited to get involved and can submit topics for upcoming episodes. Send us your ideas via e-mail and we will get back to you.  Or give us a shout in the UI5ers_live channel on OpenUI5 Slack and we can discuss it together.

The episodes are broadcast every second Thursday of a month at 15:15 German time and everybody can join without further action. All episodes will be recorded and published on the OpenUI5 YouTube channel afterwards. 

Find the individual dates of upcoming sessions and the recordings of past episodes in the table below or visit the OpenUI5 Event page to get a blocker for your calendar.

DateTopicsJoin / Replay Session
January 12, 2023
15:15 CET
The agenda is not finalized yet, but we have some good ideas already up our sleeves and will publish them here once confirmed but latest the week before. So stay tuned!
If you have an idea for a topic, let us know either via e-mail or in the #UI5ers_live channel of the OpenUI5 Slack!
December 8, 2022
15:15 CET
Since the UI5 Journey Recorder has been already prominently featured during SAP TechEd 2022, it’s about time to get to know the author of this great testing tool! Adrian Marten will take us on a tour with his point-and-click adventure Chrome extension for UI5. He will explain to us the benefits of the UI5 Journey Recorder, how fast you can create tests for your UI5 apps with little to no upfront knowledge, and what else can do with the UI5 Journey Recorder.
Hanna Olbert, our second guest, will present the ui5-task-cachebuster custom task she developed recently for the UI5 Ecosystem Showcase. This task enables cache busting for standalone apps running in the Cloud Foundry environment or on a web server other than the SAP Web Application Server.
November 10, 2022
in this episode we have Jorge Martins with us. He reworked and harmonized the transpiling tooling extensions of the UI5 ecosystem showcase. The task and the middleware are now provided as part of the ui5-tooling-transpile package and can be used for e.g. your TypeScript projects to integrate the transpiling directly into the UI5 tooling lifecycle. This allows you to get rid of separate watch scripts and the source folder.
In addition we will discuss the innovations and improvements of UI5 1.108.
August 11, 2022
Our summer break is just around the corner, but before there are some news to share. Firstly, there is a new version of Easy-UI5. Peter Muessig will demonstrate the new features of Easy-UI5 3.5 and also give an outlook on what is planned next. Then, we will have a look at the UI5 Tooling Modules. There was also an update, Peter had been involved. This is related to the feature that enables the option to put used NPM packages into the same namespace than app. Peter will showcase how this new feature works and how to use it as well as discuss the benefits this provides.Replay
July 14, 2022
In this first UI5ers live after UI5con 2022, we offer two very interesting sessions: First, Marcel Schork and Ruben Tuider from the community will talk about their Web Component library CoreUI and, more specifically, the version-independent bridge into UI5 that wraps the components into custom controls at runtime. Afterwards, Kateryna Sergieieva and Evgeny Reyzenkind from the SAP Fiori app development will talk about their Notification Management System for UI5 freestyle apps that helps to achieve a modern user experience delivering constant feedback to the users - from any source and to any target!Replay
May 12, 2022
This time, we welcome back Marian Zeis to our round of panelists. Over the last weeks. Marian worked on a web page that gathers the lastest trends about UI5 community projects, be it applications, libraries, custom controls, tooling extensions, middlewares, tasks, or generators. We will talk with him about the source of this idea, the purpose of the page, and what remains to be done. We will also look at specific features of the page and how they are implemented. As an additional topic, Uwe Reeder and Mathias Uhlmann will demonstrate how data in different controls can be kept in sync using the OData V4 model with a sample application. They will also discuss important aspects of consuming a draft-enabled back-end service. Finally, they will present how to create inactive contexts in list binding to provide multiple empty table rows in edit mode.
Apr 14, 2022
In this episode, our special panelist is Mauricio Lauffer who is an experienced UI5 developer as well as a busy contributor to OpenUI5. Mauricio will showcase a project he published recently: a UI5 library you can use to seamlessly collect all JavaScript and UI5 errors and send them to a back end if errors need to be logged and saved for further analysis. In addition, we plan to talk about an issue that reached us via different channels: open sourcing further parts of SAPUI5, especially the smart controls. For this, Dirk Becker and Vladimir Velinov from the smart controls team extend our round of panelists. They both have seriously considered to open source the smart controls. However, they need to better understand how the smart controls could be used outside the SAP ecosystem. So, if you are a supporter of open sourcing the smart controls, this is your unique chance to speak up and raise your concern with the creators directly! As you can see, there is a lot to talk about and we are looking forward to it!
Mar 10, 2022
Also in March we’ll gather for UI5ers live again. There are some excellent news for us to spread, so you shouldn’t miss that one! As always, we have invited some additional panelists to our round. You can look forward to interesting discussions with Volker Buzek, co-author of wdi5, and Tobias Sorn, from the UI5 development team.

Now that it was officially announced that wdi5 becomes the legitimate successor of UIVeri5, we want to talk with Volker about what is currently happening in the project and the roadmap planning for wdi5. And for sure there will be enough time to answer any question you might have about this. Tobias is in charge of two new features or rather changes in the UI5 framework, which were recently delivered. The first one concerns the parsing of numbers and its change to strict parsing. Tobias will tell you what this means and how this affects your UI5 app. As his second topic, Tobias will introduce the new timezone configuration for timestamps. As always, we are looking forward to a lively exchange with you and our community!
Feb 10, '2022
We are pleased to again have some great contributions from the UI5 community this time: Jakob Kjaer and Marcel Schork are so kind as to share their current work around UI5 with us. Jakob recently created a universal login provider for the UI5 tooling, which will be especially useful in case authentication is requested in several components. He’s going to tell us in detail how he came up with this idea and how it all works. For a good while Marcel dealt with the creation of private UI5 templates for specific use cases and thought about configuration options to link private and public UI5 templates. He will talk about the needs from the customer's point of view, good reasons for private templates, and the way he deals with them in his projects. Nico Geburek from the SAP Advocates team will also attend the episode and share the latest news around Easy-UI5. And as always, you can be curious about news from our UI5 experts.
Jan 13, 2022
UI5ers live is back on the scene to keep you update on current projects in and around UI5. This time we start with Stefan Beck, who will give you an insight into the major milestones for UI5 he has set for 2022.
Next up, we're really happy to have a contribution from the community again. Wouter Lemaire has dealt a lot with TypeScript in UI5 lately and used it for several projects already. This gave him the idea to create a flexible column layout template to kick-start UI5 projects with TypeScript. In this episode, he will showcase this template to you. 
In addition, Peter Muessig and Andreas Kunz will talke about a tutorial for TypeScript in UI5 that they created.


UI5con is a community-driven event to connect all the UI5 users and fans out there - a common platform to get to know each other, discuss innovations and find solutions. The event is organized by the community, usually free of charge and very informal: Everyone interested in UI5 and its related projects is welcome!

Once a year, the UI5 team itself acts also as host and takes over the organization of a one day event in Walldorf/Germany packed with lectures, talks, hands-on sessions, and networking opportunities for around 400 attendees.

Find the individual events in the table below.

NameDateLocationFurther information
UI5con HYBRID 2022July 07-08, 2022St. Leon-Rot/Germany + BroadcastAgenda
UI5con ON AIR 2021June 16-17, 2021Broadcast | Gather.Town Agenda
UI5con ON AIR 2020July 09-10, 2020BroadcastAgenda
UI5con Belgium 2020Feb 14, 2020Brussels (BE)Agenda

Do you want to organize a UI5con for your location? Tell us about your ideas and we'll add your UI5con to the list.

DateOrganizer | TypeTitle | DescriiptionLocation / Replay
Nov 16, '22
09:30PM CET
SAP TechEd  | Lecture (25min)Bringing UI to the Next Level with SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components [AD104]

SAPUI5 is the UI technology layer in our offering for professional developers on SAP Business Technology Platform, and the number-one choice to build and elevate the SAP Fiori user experience and beyond. This lecture takes you on a journey through the latest capabilities in SAPUI5, SAP Fiori elements and UI5 Web Components. Whether building custom application or extending standard applications, building UIs with SAPUI5 has never been as easy and flexible.
Oct 28, '22 
12:00AM PDT
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (60min)Developing Frond-End Applications in Cloud Foundry

This session will be an end-to-end demo showing how to build and deploy a UI5 application to Cloud Foundry that consumes an ABAP based backend system. It will use the SAP HTML5 Application Repository Service as well as an SAP Approuter (to authenticate users) at its core. The session will start from scratch explaining each of the necessary steps involved.
Oct 27, '22
09:00AM PDT
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (60min)Making You UI Integration Cards Even Smarter

After bringing business data into your SAP Work Zone, enhance your cards by making them context aware. Your cards can react to other cards, for example, showing specific sales order detail information when another card shows a different sales order. Your cards can react to the user’s locale so you can internationalize the card and show information from their region. And your cards can be role-based and show different content based on the current user.
Oct 27, '22
01:00AM PDT
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (60min)How to Bring Business Data into SAP Work Zone

In addition to providing apps to your users, you can create UI integration cards to bring backend business data into your work zone. Yumnah Abbasi and Florian Buech will show you different cards with different business data, and how you can build one yourself.
Oct 25, '22
12:00AM PDT
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (30min)Improve the Performance of UI5 Applications

In this session Nico Schoenteich together with Peter Muessig will demonstrate how to improve the performance of a UI5 application step by step to reach good performance numbers in a lighthouse report.
Oct 18, '22
08:00AM PDT
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (30min)Testing UI5 Apps with wdi5 - Zero to Hero to Continuous Integration

Showcasing the bootstrap of a UI5 application and equip it with wdi5 end-2-end test capabilities. Then moving into TDD mode and using some advanced wdi5 goodies. Finally leveling up the game to Champions League with connecting browserstack to your local dev environment for running your tests cross-platform and -browser.
Oct 18, '22
12:00AM PDT
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (60min)Clean SAPUI5: More readable, maintainable and testable code

The authors of the book Clean SAPUI5 are going to talk about how to make SAPUI5 / Javascript code more readable, maintainable and testable.

The book is written with the intention to help developers utilize the concept of clean code in their SAPUI5 projects. The authors are excited to bring the same principles to those working with SAPUI5 and JavaScript!
Oct 11, '22
Devtoberfest 2022 | Presentation (30min)Outside the lines: Creating a custom application with open-sourced development tools and the SAP Fiori elements flexible programming model

In this demo, we show how a combination of the community-maintained Easy UI5 Generator and the Open UX tools open-source modules offers full flexibility to create an app powered by the SAP Fiori elements flexible programming model, while simultaneously leveraging the convenience of the SAP Fiori tools.
June 14, '22

SAP CommunityComparing SAPUI5 with UI5 Web Components for React

What are the differences and similarities between freestyle SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components for React? We have built the same app with both flavors in order to find out. In this session we will discuss the development experience and compare the end results.
Jan 20, '22

Vaadin | WebinarWeb Components, Design Systems and Accessibility

Web Components are an excellent basis for building Design Systems, but providing good accessibility can seem like a daunting challenge.

In this webinar, we're joined by engineers and product owners from Adobe, IBM, SAP and ING for a panel discussion on the challenges they've faced, the solutions they've found, and the ways in which they approach these matters in general.

Topics covered:
- Screen readers
- Shadow DOM challenges and solutions
- Testing processes
- The upcoming Accessibility Object Model

Host: Rolf Smeds, Vaadin

Dec 14, 2021
SAP Open Source Programm Office | Webinar (1h)UI5 Web Components

Join us for a webinar about the latest UI Open Source offering by SAP: UI5 Web Components. In this session, you will explore the UI5 Web Components which are lightweight and easy to consume UI building blocks that allow you to build enterprise ready UIs with any technology of choice. They are also a carrier of Fiori design paradigm. 

You want to organize a UI5-related event open to our community? Or you've heard about one? Tell us about it and we'll add it to the list.