SAPUI5 Architecture and Use Cases

Learn about some of the things you can do with SAPUI5 and about the core framework.


The SAPUI5 SDK comprises the components of the core framework, control libraries, specific development tools, and the SAPUI5 flexibility services. Most of these components are identically with the OpenUI5 SDK and means that SAPUI5 is an enhanced version of OpenUI5.

The UI5 core framework serves as foundation that simplifies Web application development by managing many aspects of modern development behind the scenes like globalization, data binding, messaging, or routing.

In addition, SAPUI5 supplies a wide variety of ready-to-use UI controls, ranging from basic elements to complex UI patterns, supporting developers compiling appealing apps easily and quickly. All UI controls benefit from a consistent design language and coherent UX patterns known as SAP Fiori and come with build in product standards for globalization and accessibility.

Various tools complement the framework. They assist in building and testing your apps as well as diagnosing and resolving issues during development and maintenance.

This is accompanied by the SAPUI5 flexibility services. They provide capabilities to easily extend and adapt the UI of an app in an upgrade-safe and partially code-free manner. This enables developers to set-up app for multiple use cases but also allows personalization capabilities out of the box.

Besides the tools integrated into the SAPUI5 SDK there are other UI5 open source projects to support the efficient development of apps developed with SAPUI5 or OpenUI5, like the UI5 Tooling – a toolchain environment for UI5 development – UIVeri5 – an E2E test framework for UI5 apps – or UI5 Inspector, a Chrome extension for debugging and analyzing UI5 apps.

Development Use Cases

Create consistent UX

Most organizations face the problem of having multiple systems with multiple interfaces. With SAPUI5, you can build apps with a consistent UX using a variety of UI controls, resulting in designs that adhere to SAP standards.

SAP Fiori design guidelines

Build enterprise-ready SAPUI5 applications

SAPUI5 let's you build enterprise-ready web applications following product standards in areas such as globalization, accessibility, or security.

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Build enterprise-ready applications using SAP Fiori elements

SAP Fiori elements is a UI framework built on top of SAPUI5 and let you create SAP Fiori-compliant web apps quickly and effectively.

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Test your SAPUI5 app with​ continuous delivery

The quality of any app is best guaranteed by a set of automated tests. A good toolset is crucial to simplify the process, save time, and increase the development efficiency. 

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Extend your enterprise apps

Use the extension mechanism of standard apps to enable features or add new fragments to meet the needs of your enterprise’s apps.

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Troubleshoot your SAPUI5 app

There are various tools that are available for troubleshooting SAPUI5 apps.

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