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How can airlines create a frictionless journey for passengers while adapting to new business models? What is the appetite of airlines to break free from engrained behavior and reinvent their role in the travel ecosystem? Cloud Wars host Bob Evans, Lufthansa’s Jost Daft, Travel in Motion’s Boris Padovan and SAP’s Andy Kidd tackle these questions with you on this interactive session.

SAP for Travel and Transportation

Welcome to the Travel and Transportation Industry community topic. SAP is a leading software solution provider to passenger travel and cargo transportation companies with a customer base of over 11,200 companies worldwide.

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Passenger Travel & Leisure at a glance

SAP helps passenger travel and leisure companies become a best run company. SAP solutions span from finance and administrative ERP solutions to front office solutions in marketing, demand generation and operations.

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Cargo Transportation & Logistics Services at a glance

Cargo Transportation & Logistics Services companies make sure all supply chains run smoothly. SAP supports these companies run best with the use of comprehensive, innovative solutions in backoffice and frontoffice.

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Explore our User Group content

SAP entertains multiple user groups centered around particular industry segments in travel and transportation as well as specific business areas. Explore the latest information shared by our user groups.

User Groups for The Railways Industries in SAP EcosystemUser Groups for Airlines and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Organisations in the SAP Ecosystem

What's On in Travel & Transportation

Find the latest industry news as well as current information and testimonials from our customers.

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Intelligent Asset Management for Travel & Transportation

Despite being a service provider, companies in travel and transportation rely heavily on reliable and high performing assets. Learn how SAP's Intelligent Asset Management Suite can help run your assets best.

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Advanced Billing and Revenue Management for Travel & Transportation

No matter whether dealing with passengers in public transportation or cargo, billing structures in travel and transportation are complex and require a lot of attention to avoid revenue leakage and ensure correct billing processes. Explore SAP's Billing and Revenue management solutions that help your business create the best invoices for you and your customers.

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SAP S/4HANA for Travel & Transportation

A digital core is the heart of an intelligent enterprise. SAP S/4HANA ensures your company runs best so you can concentrate on increasing efficiency and creative innovative solutions for your customers. Understand how SAP S/4HANA helps you focus on things that really matter to you.

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SAP Industry Cloud for Travel & Transportation

The future has arrived. Innovative solutions make use of technology that was unimaginable only ten years ago. All these technologies combined with an attractive TCO for you, that is the SAP Industry Cloud. Browse our innovative cloud solutions specifically for your industry.

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