Open Digital Badges FAQ

Get an overview of open digital badges from SAP. Learn about the different badge types, how to earn them, and how to make the best use of them.

General Definition and Purpose

What is an open digital badge and why use it? ​

An SAP open digital badge offers a visual representation and confirmation of your specific achievement.

You can promote your proficiency in various SAP subject areas using SAP open digital badges, alongside traditional qualifications and professional accreditation. These digital badges help making your learning accomplishments visible and verifiable to anyone and everyone and give you a competitive advantage and trusted validation in the market.

Digital badges represent an achieved SAP learning offering or SAP Global Certification, and make learning achievements visible:

  • Real-time verification of learning achievements and skills with official issuer records
  • Shareable credentials on social media, email or websites
  • Manage employee skills across large organizations and geographies
  • Recruit and hire people faster by ensuring that job applicants are qualified at a glance
  • Measure qualifications for current and future employees and base qualifications on specific skills
  • Ensure learners are up-to-date with regular assessments

In comparison to traditional paper-based certificates, a digital badge has a unique, individual URL. This URL combines both, the generic description of the program that was accomplished, the skills required to achieve the credential as well as information about the earner of the badge, the date the credential was issued and the badge validity. Stakeholders can be confident that a badge represents a legitimate, authenticated achievement, as it links directly to the issuing organization.

That way, you can use SAP open digital badges to proof YOU have the right qualifications. This can help you make the best out of your learning efforts by sharing your learning achievements with your network or on social media.​

At the same time, people that need to recruit someone benefit from using open badges to verify if the candidate has the right skills. ​

Watch this video for more information on how to use open digital badges in recruiting process:

SAP learning journeys indicate with an icon which learning offerings lead to a badge. 

Types of open digital badges from SAP

What are the different open digital badge types?

There are 4 types of open digital badges:
1. Knowledge Badges
2. Skill Badges
3. SAP Global Certification program badges
4. SAP internal badges

Details on each of these can be found in the tables below.

You can also find these explained on SAP's open digital badges page centrally accessible here . 

Knowledge BadgesSkill BadgesSAP Global Certification BadgesSAP Internal Badges
Knowledge Badges are issued for acquiring knowledge (e.g. by completing an openSAP course or an e–learning in SAP LearningHub).​

Proof you have understood the course content by passing an assessment. ​
Skill Badges are issued for practical learning activities (e.g. by successfully completing exercises in SAP Learning System Access or by participating in a hands-on learning workshop and being judged by a jury at the end). ​Receive your SAP Global Certification digital badge when successfully passing a proctored SAP Global Certification exam. Being a company that cares for the best possible enablement of our workforce, SAP also issues knowledge and skill badges for its employees. In order to make these programs easier to distinguish from the public offerings, the design and collection is different.

Acquiring an open digital badge from SAP

How do I get an open digital badge​?

Once you meet the criteria, you will automatically be issued your digital badge and receive an email to claim it. SAP uses Credly's badging platform to issue badges. You will need to register once and create your account in order to manage your badges. Watch this video for a demo how to accept and share your badge.

Using an open digital badge from SAP

How can I use my open digital badge​?

Promote your achievements! Share your open digital badges across professional online networks, and the exclusive digital badge directory for greatest exposure. 

More details:

Sharing: You can share your badge on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. The badge icon can also be added to your email signature. You can also embed it into your own webpage or save it locally as a PDF print version. ​

Profile: Next to the „standard sharing options“, SAP automatically shows your badges in your Learner Profile in SAP Learning Hub and in the One Public Profile on in case you enable the feature to make your badges visible to others. By allowing this, other users will have a better overview about who you are when they interact with you, e.g. in blogs or discussions on SAPs help portal. ​

Directory: Get the maximum transparency by joining the directory feature in order to be found by others based on your skills, badges or other search options. 

Open Digital Badges from SAP are different from the SAP Community's reputation program

Note these open digital badges are different from the SAP Community reputation missions and badges

The reputation program through SAP Community encourages quality contributions, thanks members for participating, and highlights excellence. It is recognized and maintained only within the SAP domain user profile along with community . 

Open digital badges are very different in that they are acquired after a successful completion of an in-scope learning program and sharable across professional networks , not limited to SAP domains. Digital badges also include meta data regarding specific user program details, type, timeframe and more.