SAP Task Center FAQ

This page summarizes frequently asked questions around the topic of SAP Task Center.

What is SAP Task Center value proposition?

SAP Task Center provides a single inbox for customers to approve arbitrary SAP workflows. The Mission of SAP Task Center is to reduce administrative burden, improve operational processes and provide better insight within the approval processes, notifications, tasks and action items for customers with expanded portfolios of SAP products and services through a centralized solution delivered to users via web and mobile.

What are the solutions / LOBs integrated with SAP Task Center?

SAP Fieldglass, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA (1809 onwards) & SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Ariba, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Concur are currently supported.

ECC (SAP ERP and SAP Business Suite) is not supported.

SAP plans to integrate 3rd party integrations. Timeline for this is to be created.

Please refer to the Roadmap Explorer for SAP Task Center for up-to-date information. 

Is SAP Task Center accessible on my mobile device?

​​​​​​​Yes, SAP Task Center is also accessible via mobile devices as part of SAP Mobile Start via SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition.

The app is available for iOS and Android from Release 1.6. Tasks are also be available on both Android and Apple watches.

For more information, have a look at the Jam page, blog on SAP Task Center in SAP Mobile Start or SAP Help Portal.

Can we integrate SAP Task Center with SAP Build Work Zone?

Yes, SAP Task Center can be integrated with any of the below central entry point solutions:

  • SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (formerly known as SAP Launchpad service)
  • SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition
  • SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

How can I get all the details around SAP Task Center implementation?  

You can find a mission which can be used as a step-by-step guide for the implementation of SAP Task Center using this link.

The official documentation of SAP Task Center can be found here

Read the blog Getting started with SAP Task Center on SAP BTP for further information.

SAP is creating missions for integrating SAP Task Center with various SAP applications. When those are ready, we will add them here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Which Editions / Versions of S/4HANA are supported by SAP Task Center?

Check Conventions and Technical Restrictions - SAP Help Portal and 2975987 - ABAP Platform Integration with SAP Task Center - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

"For the integration of SAP Business Workflow and SAP Task Center functional increments have been provided for Cloud and On-Premise solutions.

For On-Premise solutions, when installing the corresponding support package the new integration is available and can be configured and used according to the documentation on for the following versions:

For more information on prerequisites, supported task providers, feature scope, etc., you can check the official documentation of SAP Task Center:"

Is there an SAP Note for SAP Task Center?

Yes, SAP Note – 297761 would provide all the information regarding the supported scenarios, requirements and restrictions.

Also see 2975987 - ABAP Platform Integration with SAP Task Center - SAP ONE Support Launchpad .

What technology is SAP Task Center based on?

It is a kernel service on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Cloud Foundry (CF) environment.

Is there a mission for SAP Task Center?

Yes, it can be accessed using this link.

Additional missions on how to integrate with LOBs like SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Fieldglass, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Concur are already available.

More missions regarding integration with SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SAP Build Process Automation etc., are planned for 2023. 

Are tasks pushed from an application to SAP Task Center or are they pulled?

In the administrator view, you can configure pull or push (depending on the support from the task provider).  

Can SAP Task Center Web app be configured?

Yes, you have a bunch of possibilities to do so.

First, you can decide on how to name or combine the original systems the tasks where created in. You can give it a business-related instead of system-related name. You can also combine tasks from 2 systems in one filtered area with a name of your choice. 

Then you can decide on filter and search possibilities.

You can define which columns you want to see in the overview page and the sequence.

What is the relation of SAP Task Center and the Suite Quality One Workflow Inbox?

SAP Task Center is a kernel service of SAP Business Technology Platform. At the same time, it is a Suite Quality, and as such, it is named One Workflow Inbox.

What is the relation of SAP Task Center and My Inbox?

SAP Task Center is a central Inbox for tasks, which is integrated with SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Ariba Buying, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition and so on. The vision is to integrate all SAP applications with it.

SAP Fiori My Inbox is a Fiori Application that delivers a local Inbox for tasks in different products:

  • SAP Build Process Automation
  • SAP Business Suite
  • SAP Fiori Front-End Server

Both have different underlying technologies.

What are the prerequisites for SAP Task Center?

SAP Task Center will be available to customers with the following profile:

  • Entitled to activate the SAP Task Center service via the consumption-based commercial model (CPEA / Pay-As-You-Go)
  • Global User ID needs to be generated using either SAP Cloud Identity Services (IAS + optionally IPS) or Third Party (Customer) IDM. IAS is a prerequisite to have SAP Task Center running.
  • Have purchased SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (or) SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition (or) SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone (or) SAP Cloud Portal Service.

What are support components for SAP Task Center?

3044195 - SAP Task Center Support Components

Where do I find troubleshooting and support information?

Troubleshooting - SAP Help Portal

Can I access SAP Task Center via API?

You can access APIs to manage connectors and export data related to SAP Task Center. There's an API on SAP API Business Hub with all needed explanations. In addition, see the blog

APIs for exposing task data, accessing task data, processing tasks or developing UI clients for SAP Task Center are not publicly available.

Is SAP Task Center ready to present any custom workflow that we develop in SAP S/4 HANA?

Since S/4HANA-OP approvals are "generically" enabled by the underlying workflow engine, all (standard + custom) approvals can be processed via SAP Task Center service on BTP. Check Supported Solutions and Use Cases | SAP Help Portal

Can SAP Business Suite / SAP ERP / SAP ECC tasks be processed in SAP Task Center?

SAP does not plan an integration of SAP ECC tasks into SAP Task Center. Customers with SAP ECC systems are advised to use SAP Fiori My Inbox on a single SAP Fiori Front-End Server to centralize their ECC tasks, and expose this inbox app to the same SAP Build Work Zone instance where SAP Task Center is running.

I am an SAP Partner, Is SAP Task Center enabled for partners?

Partners will have access to SAP Task Center via the Test, Development & Demo (TDD) license. TDD license will be enabled this year (2023).

There will be a Partner License for SAP Task Center soon, stay tuned.

When will substitutions be supported in SAP Task Center? Will it be available for group or only single individuals?​​​​​​​

Substitution Management is already available. SAP Fieldglass is the first application to adopt this new feature.​ It will be available for other task providers soon.

The feature will be available for single individuals only.​​​​​​​

When In SAP Task Center can I configure the columns, say I want to see the fields of Purchase Requisitions? If yes, can these configurations be saved for the logged in user or it vanishes next time when he or she opens the application?

Yes, as soon as the Task Types are selected, the corresponding custom attributes are shown in additional columns. Example: If a task type e.g., Purchase Requisition is selected, the corresponding columns are shown. The user can additionally adapt which columns should be shown and in which order.

At the moment, the “Save Search” option is not available. It is planned to be available in Q2 or Q3 2023.

Will SAP Task Center support SAP Workflow Management-based tasks as well?

No, SAP Workflow Management tasks are not supported by SAP Task Center.

Does SAP Task Center support SAP Build Process Automation-based tasks?

Yes, SAP Build Process Automation tasks are supported by SAP Task Center. Click here to learn how to connect SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Task Center.

Does SAP Task Center support SAP S/4HANA On-Premise-based tasks and the navigation back to the source system (“Open Task” functionality)?

Yes, SAP Task Center supports all SAP S/4HANA On-Premise-based tasks. 

SAP Task Center also supports navigating back to the S/4HANA On-Premise system, when SAP Fiori My Inbox is used as the inbox application to process tasks in that system.

Will the Claim and Release functionality be available in SAP Task Center, especially if the task goes to multiple approvers, and a user wants to claim a task so that other approvers no longer see it in their task list and cannot therefore process it?

The Claim and Release functionality is part of the SAP Task Center 2023 roadmap.

What type of commercial model do I require in order to use SAP Task Center?​​​​​​

No license is needed, the BTP global account needs to use a consumption-based commercial model (CPEA / Pay-As-You-Go).

Does SAP Task Center support SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition free tier?

SAP Task Center supports SAP Build Work Zone Free tier as long as the customer has a CPEA or a Pay-As-You-Go contract. The SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition - Standard plan is set as default, but you can also use the Free plan instead. For more information about the Free plan of  SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition, see Using an Account with a Free Service Plan.

Does commercialization model apply for SAP Task Center usage?

Since SAP Task Center is a kernel service, it is completely free for Cloud usage, but the customers do need to use a consumption-based commercial model in the BTP global account in order to be entitled to use it. However, commercialization aspect will be included for integration with SAP S/4HANA On-Premise. Customers will be charged for all recorded/retrieved tasks. Detailed information about pricing can be found here.

I have purchased SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (previously called SAP Launchpad Service) and I am a subscription-based customer. Will SAP Task Center be available for me?

SAP Task Center is currently not available for subscription-based customers.​​​​​​​

Where can I find the SAP Task Center pricing model? What are the different bundles and metrics?

You can find all the details regarding SAP Task Center pricing and metrics on SAP Discovery Center.