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Welcome to the Climate Action Community Page, where you can find the latest news of solution updates and sustainability impact on business. On this platform, you can be a part of various discussions and opinions about our potential contribution to a sustainable future. Plus, the provided content will grant you a great chance to get answers to most of your questions about sustainability.

Sustainability benefits with business software

Sustainability is gradually penetrating all industries and business models. Customers give more and more importance to sustainability when choosing a product. Manufacturers demand from their suppliers to be more accountable and decrease carbon emissions. In other words, it is the time to make sustainability profitable and profit sustainable. SAP assists companies with different automated analytical, calculative, and reporting tools to keep up with all sustainability requirements.

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Salzgitter AG: Reducing its carbon footprint and enabling sustainable change in the steel industry.

With ambitious plans to reduce CO2 emissions, Salzgitter AG is leading the way in the production of “green” steel. To support its reinvention of steelmaking, it implemented SAP S/4HANA, standardizing and streamlining processes and providing a solid foundation for the use of the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management solution and the SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) application.

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