Training & Expert Accreditation – FAQs

For SAP SuccessFactors Customers: Have a question about SAP SuccessFactors Training, SAP SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC), or the SAP SuccessFactors Expert Accreditation (SFX) program for customers? You’re in the right place! Start here to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Here you will find a comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) list. Checkout the "On this page" section on the right side for a list of topics.

SFALC Access and Navigation

How do I log into the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC)?

You can only access the SFALC through the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner (click the ‘Click Here to Access SFALC’ link on the top right). Once you are on the SFALC landing page, click the ‘Welcome to SFALC’ tile for shortcut links to access training content.

If it is your first time accessing SFALC, your account will take up to 30 minutes to be provisioned. For more information on your first time accessing SFALC or any issues, please refer to the SFALC Access Guide.

Please note that access to the SFALC is available to SuccessFactors customers for no additional charge and requires an SAP User Account (S-User ID).

Do I need a Learning Hub subscription to get access to the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC)?

No, a paid Learning Hub subscription is not required to access the SFALC. If you already have a Learning Hub subscription, a new "Welcome to SFALC" tile will appear on your Learning Hub home page after your first login to SFALC.

Is there a charge to access the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC)?

There is no additional charge to access the training content, Learning Rooms or SFX Exams in the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center as it is included as part of your SAP SuccessFactors software subscription.

How do I navigate the SFALC?

Please refer to the SFALC Access Guide for screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Can I access the SAP SuccessFactors Training & SFX Exams from ANY version of the Learning Hub?

No, all of the self-service SAP SuccessFactors Training materials and SFX exams are ONLY available in SFALC through the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner ('Click Here to Access SFALC’ link on the top right).

SFALC Content

How often is the SAP SuccessFactors Admin Training material updated?

SAP SuccessFactors Admin Training materials are updated twice a year to accommodate the changes in product releases. For direct links to product Admin training, see the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Training Materials Guide.

How long is the training per module?

It depends on what method of training customers choose and their familiarity with the system and training content. SAP SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC) training content is entirely self-paced. Hiring a private, on-site team or taking the Live Virtual courses could take 1-5 days. The exam itself takes many eXperts around 30 minutes to complete.

What's the difference between PTO, Administration Training and Job Aids and what is the ideal timing to review these offerings?

Project Team Orientation

  • Project Team Orientations (PTOs) prepare Key Stakeholders and Decision Makers for upcoming configuration workshops and business process decisions with the implementation consultant.
  • PTOs should take place around the time of the project kickoff.
  • PTOs provide a knowledge transfer on core product functionality and enable participants to think about use-cases and scenarios around functionality and configuration.

Administration Training

  • Administration Training courses enable Administrators/Power Users to oversee the daily management of their company’s SAP SuccessFactors solutions.
  • New customers should take Administration training before Go-Live.
  • Existing customers can utilize Administration Training to stay up to date or when responsibilities change.
  • Administration Training covers front-end setup, key concepts, features, terminology, and includes practice of necessary skills.

Job Aids

  • Downloadable Job Aids provide an overview of the basic tasks performed by Administrators and functions available to End Users within the SAP SuccessFactors solution.

What is an SAP Admin Learning Room?

SAP Admin Learning Rooms accompany and support the SuccessFactors Admin Learning content with direct access to subject matter experts and instructors that answer your questions, provide recorded tutorial videos, and provide product-specific supplemental content.

Completing an SFX exam in SFALC

Is there a charge to take an SFX Exam?

There is no charge to access the training content, Learning Rooms or SFX Exams in the SFALC - it is included as part of your SAP SuccessFactors software subscription.

How do I take an SFX exam?

SFX exams are virtual and can be taken at any time in the SAP SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC). Links to each product exam are found in the applicable Administrator Learning Journey.

How can I properly close out of the SFX exam to ensure that it is successfully recorded in SFALC?

Please see Quick Start Guide: Ensure Your SFX Exam is Recorded for details screenshots and instructions. It is recommended to take a screenshot of your completed exam with the exam name, date, and score, in case you have technical issues. If your exam didn’t get recorded, please send an email with a screenshot and your S-user ID to the SFALC Support team at

How many times can I attempt to take an SFX exam if I don't pass?

As many times as you want - there is no limit to the number of times you can try to take an exam before you pass.

Which courses should I take to prepare for the SFX exam?

It is recommended that you take Administrator training to prepare for an SFX exam. You can take Administrator training via self-service (on-demand) from the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC), interactive & instructor-led virtual sessions, or custom interactive & instructor-led sessions. Note: Access to the SFALC is included as part of your software subscription; instructor-led virtual sessions carry an additional cost. View the Administrator Training courses that correspond to each SFX exam on the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Training Materials Guide.

Contact for Issues and Questions

Who do I contact if I have technical or login issues with SFALC?

If you have any issues with accessing SFALC, content, learning rooms, or recording SFX exams, please email the SFALC Support team at Please include your S-user ID and a screenshot in the email, if possible.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the SFX Program or the Customer Community?

If you have any issues about the SFX program, Digital badges, SFX Accreditations on the Customer Community, etc., please email SAP SuccessFactors Customer Empowerment at

Recognition for Earning an SFX Accreditation

Will I receive a Digital Badge after earning an SFX Accreditation?

Yes! Within approximately one week of passing an SFX exam to earn an accreditation, you will be issued a Digital Badge to share on LinkedIn, email signature, resume, and other places of distinction. When the badge is issued, you will receive an email from SAP SE via Credly – and after creating a Credly account, you can access your badge to download.

How will I be recognized on the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community when I earn an SFX Accreditation?

After you pass an SFX exam and earn your first SFX accreditation, you will be awarded the SF eXpert Badge; you will be able to view this in your SAP Community profile.

SFX Program Information

Where can I download the SFX and SFALC Guides?

You can view and download all SFX Accreditation & SFALC Training overviews and step-by-step guides at this link: Download All Guides.

Are the SFX & SFALC Guides translated in other languages?

Yes! The SFX & SFALC Guides have been translated into 3 languages in addition to English: Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese. Note: All the English guides have been updated with changes due to the SuccessFactors Customer Community migration to SAP Community in early 2023; many of the translated guides have not been updated yet.

How will I know when my accreditation for a product expires?

Each SFX Accreditation is good for one year, at which time we ask you to take the exam again to stay accredited and to keep your expertise up to date with the new releases. You can view your accreditation expiration date in your Credly (digital badge) account.

We will send an email to remind you of the approaching expiration date 30-60 days prior.

Is SFX accreditation portable - meaning if I earn an accreditation while working for one company & move on to another, do I keep that accreditation?

Yes, the SFX accreditation is earned by an individual, so it is portable. Please take the following steps to ensure all aspects are changed successfully.

  • For SFALC – Learning history can only be transferred from one Learning Hub account to another if both are of the same type. Also, written (email) permission needs to be given by your company’s Learning Hub owner to move your learning history. We recommend you follow the instructions to download your SFX certificate before you end your current employment to ensure you have a record of it; see instructions here - Quick Start Guide: Download SFX Certificate.
  • For SFX Digital Badges – in order to update the email address on your Credly account, please go to ‘Settings < Account < Add an email address’. You can also Merge Accounts from this page.

Accreditation vs. Certification

Is SFX Accreditation the same as SuccessFactors Certification?

No, SuccessFactors Certification is the foundation requirement for all implementation consultants and requires completion of the Academy course to prepare for the certification exam. Implementation consultants are required to be certified in order to receive their Provisioning Access to a production instance.

SFX Accreditation is for customers, enabling SuccessFactors Administrators to confirm their reputation as a knowledgeable administrator confident in making decisions during implementations and post-go-live on current and future software releases.

Can customers attend Consultant-level (Academy) Training?

SuccessFactors Academy training is targeted toward implementation consultants to cover backend configuration completed during the initial system configuration and implementation. Note: Access to Academy courses carries an additional cost (via SAP Live Class, Learning Hub subscription, or private training).

Customers may attend Academy training; however, they will not receive the same benefits as partners from completing the training. Specifically, customers will not gain Provisioning access, even if they complete Academy training and/or complete the certification exam.

Group Interactive and Instructor Training

Why can't I find the Administration Training content when a I search for "SuccessFactors" on

SAP's Training Shop is the site to enroll and pay for Public Instructor-Led Virtual Courses. To browse the self-study Administration training catalog, please ensure that you are accessing the SFALC via the 'Click Here to Access SFALC' link on the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner. The SFALC is available to SuccessFactors customers and does require one-time registration with an S-user ID.

Where do I register for public training?

You can register for public courses via

What if I can’t find a date or time that works for me?

First, try clearing all filters. Most SuccessFactors public courses are delivered virtually, so you can register for a course hosted by any country (not just your home country). If you still do not see any courses that fit your schedule, you can now schedule your chosen training course on a date that suits you via our 3 to RUN program. Provided that at least three participants from your company sign up, SAP will schedule the course on the date you have chosen and add it to our public schedule.

Please submit your information on this page if you are interested in 3 to RUN:

How do I find courses in the SAP Training Shop?

You can search by product name or by course code. Don’t know the course or code you need? Browse the Course Catalog to see a full listing of SAP SuccessFactors customer-facing courses.

Custom Interactive and Instructor Training

We really need training tailored to our company’s needs. What options do I have?

Customized training can be scoped and delivered specific to your company’s business processes and needs. A scoping call will be conducted with a subject matter expert, and an agenda will be tailored to your training objectives. The training can be delivered either virtually or on-site at your company or at an SAP training center. The training can be conducted in the customer’s system (typically in the customer development/staging environment) or in a SuccessFactors training system.

Who do I contact for scoping and pricing questions?

Please contact your regional training expert to initiate the scoping and pricing process:

Are materials customized when custom/private training is purchased?

No, standard materials are provided for customized training (in English).

Can training be delivered in my local language?

We will do our best to find a delivery resource who can deliver the training in your local language. We work with a network of vetted partners for delivery, so please be sure to inform us of your requests as soon as possible so that we can identify the best instructor for your needs.