Product Advisory

Providing Product Introduction, Advisory and Customer Influence opportunities for customers to have their voices heard by our product managers.

Who We Are

A team that focuses on enabling and facilitating the relationship between the product organization and our customers. Our team looks to create a strategic and collaborative environment allowing for fruitful conversation and action through a variety of tools and platforms.

What We Offer

Product Advisory Panels, Design Advisor and Customer Engagement Initiative programs, Beta and Early Adopter Care opportunities, and SAP Influence programs.

How To Participate

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Product Advisory

  • Product managers solicit feedback from customers on specific designs, products and features that they are actively working on.
  • Discuss planned functionality with customers to gain valuable input during development phase.
  • Leverage product insight from customers to inform product decisions.
  • Product Managers host a mix of virtual and in-person panels inviting customers to collaborate with the Product Teams to provide feedback on specific product/ feature and design topics.

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Product Advisory Panels & Design Advisors 

Product Introduction

  • Engage customers for feedback on specific products and features that have been newly introduced to the market.
  • Provide customers support adopting new features and products by enrolling in SAP Beta and Early Adopter Care programs.
  • Products and features in Beta status cannot be used in production.
  • The Early Adopter Care program offers support for products and features that are classified as being “productive” in either Early Adoption or General Availability.

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Current Beta & Early Adopter Care Programs 

Customer Influence

  • Continuous collection of requests for all SAP SuccessFactors product areas.
  • Collaboration between customers, customer user groups and product management on feature requests.
  • Review of high voted requests, connection to roadmap planning and delivery.

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Introduction to Customer Influence at SAP SuccessFactors


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