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Want to get information about running Microsoft SQL Server in an SAP environment? Here you can find product documentation, blogs, articles, Q&As, SAP Notes, and more.

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SAP Systems on SQL Server 2019

Are you looking for information about the latest SQL Server 2019?

Blog: SQL Server 2019 is released for SAP NetWeaverUpgrade and Installation Guide

SAP Systems on SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2017 is supported for some SAP NetWeaver based systems.

MSDN Blog: SAP Support for SQL Server 2017SAP Note 2492596

SQL Server Columnstore for SAP

You want to learn about concepts, implementation, and optimization of SQL Server Columnstore for SAP BW & ERP?

Read the whitepaper hereand the blog

SQL Server Installation Media for SAP NetWeaver products

You want to learn about the access to the download media of the SQL Server? For more information, see our


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Are you looking for relevant guides, FAQs, SAP Notes, or other documents available for SAP on SAP SQL?

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Best Practices

These documents help you to find best practices for high availability, maximum performance, scalability, error handling relevant for SAP on SQL Server 2014, 2012, SQL Server 2008 R2, and VMware vSphere

Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices Guide for Vmware vSphereArchitecting Microsoft SQL Server on VMWare vSphere - Best Practices GuideWhite Paper - Best Practices for SAP on SQL Server