Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)

Welcome to the SMB community, focused on the needs of the small and midsize businesses. In this community, you have the chance to engage not only with SAP, but also with partners, customers, prospects and thought leaders across the globe. We look forward to engaging with you and to evolve this page based on your feedback and participation.

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SAP SME Strategy Update 2020

View this fresh blog post on SAP.COM that explains the SAP strategy for injecting innovation into the SME Portfolio

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Accelerating Innovation with SAP Business Application Factory

In this report, Mint Jutras, an independent business analyst firm, analyzes the concept of the upcoming Business Application Factory

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SMB Business Continuity Webinar Series

Tips to help small and midsize companies navigate current disruptions while setting a foundation for long-term success.

SMB Webinar Series on SAP.COM

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SMB Snacks

A simpler way to talk about the value of ERP for small and midsized businesses

SMB Snacks Overview Blog

Crisis Management for Small and Midsize Companies

Discover recommendations from Oxford Economics on the four key areas that small and midsize businesses should emphasize to face today’s challenges and those that lie ahead:

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Prepare for the next economy

Learn how to increase your company's resilience to steer through disruptions and take advantage of new opportunities.

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