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By moving solutions into the cloud, security insight and control are getting more and more important to companies. Questions arise about such topics as which certifications are necessary and where the current operating status can be seen. Also, where the data is located and what critical data movements have taken place.

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SAP Data Custodian

The SAP Data Custodian solution is designed to give public cloud users the transparency and control over their public cloud resources and applications previously only available in private cloud or on-premise configurations. SAP Data Custodian can help mitigate cloud data protection concerns and help you move to the cloud with confidence.

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SAP Trust Center

SAP Trust Center provides the transparency on how SAP ensures security for its cloud solutions as well as the availability and downtimes of cloud systems. In addition, information about secure products, secure operations, and how SAP runs as a secure company is available. It also gives insights into data protection and privacy at SAP. Furthermore, SAP Trust Center lets customers know about how our products and services meet the latest compliance and security standards. Finally, you can learn about the various agreements for cloud software and service offerings from SAP.

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