Security - Hybrid Identity and Access Management

When it comes to securing on-premise landscapes, most companies have invested in proven SAP software to ensure the protection of their data and business processes. Today, most companies are running a hybrid model – a combination of cloud and on-premise systems. SAP provides options for bringing cloud-based security solutions together with existing on-premise security solutions.

Getting Started

SAP Secure Login Service for SAP GUI

Provide your SAP GUI users with simple and secure access to their ABAP-based business applications

SAP Secure Login Service for SAP GUI supports both digital certificates and Kerberos for secure authentication and single sign-on to your SAP systems. Rely on a lean cloud service that integrates with your existing corporate identity provider to benefit from its authentication capabilities.

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SAP Single Sign-On

Enhance the User Experience and Strengthen Security

SAP Single Sign-On is our tried and proven on-premise solution for single sign-on with SAP GUI.

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SAP Identity Management

Reduce Risk and Manage User Access

Identity management is becoming a significant challenge for organizations today. You must ensure that your users have the right access to a multitude of applications in a timely manner, that the data is secure, and that access to corporate assets is compliant with corporate policies as well as legal regulations. The SAP Identity Management component helps you align identity management with your organization’s key business processes.

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SAP Access Control

Automate Access Control and Enforce Governance with Minimal Support from IT

As you begin your digital transformation journey, you need robust access governance technologies to bring digital services and applications to employees and business partners without exposing sensitive information to the wrong eyes. Using the SAP Access Control application as the backbone of access governance, you can automate and accelerate administration of user access while securing your applications, processes, and data against the risk of unauthorized use.

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