SAP Central Business Configuration FAQ

Learn about the capabilities and features of SAP Central Business Configuration, which supports SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


What is SAP Central Business Configuration?

SAP Central Business Configuration provides a consistent and easy-to-use solution for the configuration, implementation and maintenance of SAP cloud projects. It provides a simplified and consistent approach for customers, partners, and SAP experts to scope, select, and specify their software solution configuration. The first cloud solution enabled for SAP Central Business Configuration is SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition. To learn more, please take a look at this overview.


When we set up SAP Central Business Configuration in SAP Identity Authentication Service (IAS), what does the SAP_CBC_Consumption_Activity_ALL user group mean?

At the moment, there is one business role (SAP_CBC_Consumption_Activity_ALL) in the customer-managed tenant for the customer’s business user for dealing with Consumption activities including configuration activities. This role has the Work Center View activities assigned, which is required to get start authorization to SAP Central Business Configuration self-service configuration user interfaces (SSCUIs).

Do we create the business roles in SAP S/4HANA Cloud manually or is it controlled through SAP Central Business Configuration?

This is not controlled via SAP Central Business Configuration. It is still done in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

As opposed to the recommended sequence in the Project Experience to request your production system before carrying out the configuration activities in the Realize phase, would it be possible to request the production system later (after the configuration activities in the Realize phase)?

The production system needs to be requested during the Realize phase. Customers can decide what is the best point in time during this phase. SAP recommends to request the production system early as this also affects the quality to production (Q2P) transports.

Project Experience

Since all configuration settings made in the Realize phase in the quality system seem to have to be deployed to the production system at once, is there a way of deploying the settings selectively, for example only for one country at first and for other countries at a later point in time?

This procedure is currently determined by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Q2P procedure and there is no way of deploying the settings selectively.

Can I see the activity list for the current settings even if I’m not in the Deploy phase?

Yes, you can display all activities for the current settings if you go to the Configuration Activities tab and filter via the Content Hierarchy for Maintain current settings in Productive System.

Without the Manage Your Solution app, how can I see or check the configuration settings that I’ve made in the quality system and those I've made in the production system?

The configuration settings (the SSCUIs) will be accessible using SAP Central Business Configuration (for example, Set Up Payment Methods per Country for Payment Transactions).

Can Release Settings to Production be executed more than once, like in sprints (as it is the case with previous implementation methodology)?

Yes, Q2P transports can be triggered by the customer on an individual basis as often as required. This is independent from the phase switch to Deploy.

How is Expert Configuration handled in SAP Central Business Configuration?

There are no changes in the process. Expert Configuration can still be requested as before.

Is additional content such as new scope or countries – let’s say some time after the initial implementation project – still added via Initiate Change in the same project/workspace?

Yes, this is possible in the Project Experience via the Initiate Change functionality. You do not need to create a new project.

Assuming that you've finalized the initial implementation project and you're now in what’s called the ongoing operations mode: Via Initiate Change, the project will be switched back to the Explore phase and you will be able to enhance the scope. You will then sequentially work through the following sequence of project activities (org structure setup / configuration / current settings) and milestones until you finalize your changes via the Go-Live milestone (Deploy) to switch your project back to ongoing operations mode.

Technically, it will indeed remain the same project (and the same assigned technical workspace).


Since looking up scope item IDs manually can be quite cumbersome, will the scope item IDs be displayed in the Define Scope app?

It's not planned to display scope item IDs in the Define Scope app as scope items will eventually be replaced by end-to-end processes. Please note that in the meantime we have renamed scope items to scenarios as of the 2008 release.

As a scope bundle might contain more scope items than I actually need, will it be possible to remove items from a bundle?

This will not be possible as a bundle makes sure that all of the content which is required for a valid scope is available.

Is it possible to produce an Excel sheet that shows the individual configuration steps by scope items/scenarios as a list?

The list of configuration activities that will be visible after scoping in the Realize phase is scope-dependent in general. There is no list per scope item, but we plan to further improve the guidance here with the next releases.

Organization Management

Is it possible to copy organizational units and is there a mass creation functionality?

This is not yet possible, but we plan to work on this long-term.

Is there a (best practice) limit for the number of countries that can be selected at once during scoping?

There is no limit as SAP Central Business Configuration supports the selection of multiple countries at once into the scope as well as its transport to SAP S/4HANA Cloud for activation.

Is there a best practice/recommendation from SAP how to set up complex organizational structures that have many countries and company codes?

Current best practices only define organizational structures on a country-individual basis. To learn more, please follow this link from SAP Activate.

Is there a minimum of organizational units that needs to be created in the Set Up Organizational Structure app (for example per country) to be able to proceed? Are there checks in place that would stop you?

Yes, as of the 2008 release, the app indicates the minimum number of units and which kinds of units for which countries need to be created based on your scope.

Why does one company code need to be selected as default?

There is some company code dependent content which is used as default configuration for at least one company code per country. This content gets activated with the default company code. That is why one company code per scoped country needs to be selected as default.

What can be done if an already confirmed organizational unit has to be deleted at a later stage in the project?

Currently, already confirmed organizational units can’t be deleted at a later stage. This is the same situation that we have with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Builder today. However, we have started to look at this requirement to see how to help with this matter in future.

Can multiple project members work on the organizational structure at the same time?

Yes, multiple users can work in the Set-Up Organizational Structure app simultaneously.


Once further SAP cloud solutions will be supported by SAP Central Business Configuration, will settings required in multiple solutions (such as exchange rates or cost centers) be maintained only once centrally or will they have to be maintained individually for every solution?

This question is related to our long-term planning. Our target for SAP Central Business Configuration is indeed to enable configuration centrally across SAP cloud solutions.

How can I make certain configuration settings for one country but maintain exactly these settings differently for another country?

This procedure is determined by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SSCUIs and its features (for example, Set Up Payment Methods per Country for Payment Transactions).

Will it be possible to identify if a configuration activity in the Realize phase is global or only valid for certain countries?

The possibility to identify if a configuration activity in the Realize phase is global or only valid for certain countries is not available yet in SAP Central Business Configuration. We need to assess this requirement to see in what way it is still necessary and how to realize this in future.

Are the processes concerning G/L Accounts different in SAP Central Business Configuration from how they were before in the Manage Your Solution app?

This process will be the same as in Configure Your Solution. The only difference is that the Renumber G/L Accounts activity will be available in the Realize phase in SAP Central Business Configuration instead of Configure Your Solution. The capabilities are connected to the G/L account renumbering process defined by the known SSCUI.

System & Maintenance

What does the correction/hotfix process look like?

SAP-driven upgrades and hotfixes follow the same process as before with Solution Builder and are independent from customer changes.


When will one-off localization be available?

It is not yet available, but it’s part of our plans.