Updates about KBAs and SAP Notes

Last Updated 13th of November - Cloud Essentials 2308

Hello SAP Community,

I work in Product Support for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Asset Management dealing with issues reported by Customers and Partners involving our Fiori Apps such as a ‘Change Maintenance Order’, Released CDS views, and SSCUI’s ( Customizing )

My intention of this page is to provide insight into common issues reported, known restrictions, and  bugs are being fixed  so you can check the planned fix date/release before creating an incident on the Support launchpad

This will be a living document! . The page will be constantly updated with new KBA’s ( Knowledge-Based Articles ) that are created, if a known bug issue exists it will be listed here with a planned fixed release or date

The page will be divided into 3 areas

  1. Latest KBA’s created
  2. Common issues
  3. Known Bug KBA’s / Note’s

The list will provide a link to the KBA or note, a description of the issue and category ( how-to, Missing functionality, Standard Behaviour, a bug to be corrected on a date or Cloud release )

You can access KBA’s on the Support Launchpad link below or by clicking on the note / KBA number


Latest KBA’s created

KBA Number     Description               Category
Scope items BH1, BH2 and BJ2 cannot be activated in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public EditionStandard Behaviour
3283767Costs don't appear in the app 'Maintenance Order Costs' F4603Standard Behaviour
3253102 Reservation is created even if the selection is "From Release"Standard Behaviour 
3236709Equipment creation in wrong Number range after S/4 HANA Cloud 2208 UpgradePlanned Change
3202165Completion date is not displayed when scheduling maintenance planStandard Behaviour 
3196566Error 'Function is not available' appears when inputting a Main Asset Number in a Technical ObjectMissing Functionality
3198903Notifications not appearing in app "Technical Object Breakdowns" despite having Breakdown checkbox setStandard Behaviour
3149448Error "Emergency Order Create" is not allowed (ORD%000000001)" when using app Create Maintenance RequestStandard Behaviour
3142170Error 'Cannot determine supply process for material' when creating a Maintenance OrderStandard Behaviour
3116158'Planned Effort' field is not displayed in 'Work Item' pop-up window when using the app Manage Malfunction ReportsStandard Behaviour
3105632F2071 Find Maintenance Notification – Change in default filters for standard variant in list report and renaming of Quick Action buttonStandard Behaviour
3081162Popup with 'Invalid string length' appears when using Export option in the app 'Find Maintenance Order'Standard Behaviour
3025467Cost Center field blank in Purchase Requisition created from Maintenance OrderStandard Behaviour
3024517I_MaintOrderActualCostDataCube and C_MaintOrdActualCostDataQ do not contain any field key descriptionStandard Behaviour
3024084Buttons 'Edit' and 'Submit' disappear when using the app “My Maintenance Requests”Standard Behaviour
3022957Unable to view a Maintenance Order in the App 'Display Maintenance Order' due to '500 Internal Server Error'Extensibility
3010056Entry 'Service Order SO' is missing in App Create Maintenance PlanStandard Behaviour
3015917App / Tile for 'Create Mass Time Confirmations' (App ID F3925) Missing on the Fiori LaunchpadStandard Behaviour

Common issues

KBA Number Description               Category
2642219'Assign Order' and 'Assign task list' buttons are missing in App 'Change Maintenance Notification'Standard Behaviour

Known Bug KBA’s / Note’s

KBA / Note Number Description              Planned fix Release / Date