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Level-up videos

Learn how you can do more with SAP Process Orchestration to get the most out of your existing or new investment.

Level-up video series

Business-to-Business Add-on

Find out about the new Business-to-Business features of SAP Process Orchestration.

SAP Process Integration Business-to-Business Add-on 2.0

Upgrade/Migration to 7.5

Any plans to upgrade/migrate to 7.5? Check out this blog which describes the options you have and what this would mean in terms of licensing.

What options do I have when upgrading or migrating to release 7.5

Customer Influence

Your opportunity to influence SAP Process Orchestration. Successful Customer Engagement Initiative project as well as feedback from user groups led to shipment of one of the top 5 requirements.

New Process Integration test tool shipped

Expert Content


Find out about the planned innovations and the future direction of SAP Process Orchestration.

SAP Process Orchestration roadmap

What's new in SAP NetWeaver 7.5

Check out what has been recently shipped with SAP Process Orchestration.

Release notesNew ESR in NWDS featuresNew test tool features


Get your hands dirty. Access a trial system on AWS including SAP Operational Process Intelligence and SAP Process Orchestration including b2b add-on.

Try B2B Add-on on Cloud Appliance Library