Transition from SAP Enterprise Portal to SAP Cloud Platform

Thousands of customers around the world run SAP Enterprise Portal successfully to provide their employees, customers, and partners a central and intuitive access point to business applications, information, and services. Get here some recommendations regarding a transition of your on-premise SAP Enterprise Portal to SAP Cloud Platform.

General recommendations about Portal Transition

As a general strategic approach, we recommend to transition your SAP Enterprise Portal use cases to SAP Cloud Platform Multi-Cloud environment. Note that a transition to the Neo environment of SAP Cloud Platform is not recommended anymore. SAP Cloud Platform is SAP’s strategic integration and extension platform. SAP follows a multi-cloud approach, which enables organizations to run the platform and its services on the cloud infrastructure of selected hyper-scaler partners (Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Microsoft). To help driving innovative digital experiences initiatives, SAP further invests in flexible UX services, tools and UI technologies to develop custom apps and extensions using SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Fiori tools. 

Going forward we recommend SAP Enterprise Portal customers considering a transition to SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud environment, in particular to the Launchpad service. As SAP puts major investments in SAP Cloud Platform, customers automatically get the latest SAP Fiori UX innovations (for example SAP Fiori 3). SAP recommends adopting SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad for new projects, and gradually transition existing SAP EP based scenarios to SAP Cloud Platform. For more information about SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad, see this overview presentation. More information and recommendations about EP transition to SAP Cloud Platform will be added here step-by-step in the next months.

Why a transition to SAP Cloud Platform?

  • The further development of SAP NetWeaver products will be limited primarily to bug fixing and the provision of transition tools to the cloud. Do not expect new functions for Enterprise Portal!  
  • Cloud offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for complex on-premise infrastructure, systems and costly upgrades  
  • New, innovative solutions such as SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad, and other centralized services such as search, and notifications, will be developed and offered exclusively on the SAP Cloud Platform.

Transition to SAP Cloud Platform is not a migration!

    • If customers decide for a transition to SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad,  they should consider it is not a 1:1 equivalent to SAP Enterprise Portal; hence there is no tool which automatically moves customers from EP to the cloud.
    • It is a transition from technology platform SAP NetWeaver to SAP Cloud Platform. Besides the Portal service it needs to be considered which additional services should be used.  
    • Planning a transition is customer specific and requires detailed analysis depending on use cases, business requirements, capabilities, and your cloud strategy.  
    • Doing the transition as a gradual process, starting with specific focus scenarios. Cleaning your Enterprise Portal: consider which applications / services should be transferred to the cloud and which are not needed anymore (example custom development).  
    • Consider that some content / UI technologies from SAP Enterprise Portal can be easily migrated, some should be integrated and some require new development. Transition requires a comprehensive analysis and preparation that probably involves re-thinking and re-design.

    How to Reuse Your Legacy On-Premise SAP Enterprise Portal Content

    Many SAP customers have rich implementations of on-premise SAP Enterprise Portal that include many classic UIs such as Web Dynpro ABAP, SAP GUI, BSP, and other applications. To expose their legacy on-premise SAP Enterprise Portal apps on SAP Cloud Platform, customers can configure their SAP Enterprise Portal as a content provider and bypassing a full migration. 

    As a System Administrator, you can configure the SAP Enterprise Portal as a remote content provider to the central launchpad service on SAP Cloud Platform. This enables you to expose your existing Enterprise Portal content (such as BEx, SAP GUI Applications, Web Dynpro ABAP, and Java) side by side with new content (such as SAP SuccessFactors and SAP S/4HANA) in one single entry point. More information, see this section in the SAP Help Portal.