SAP Cloud Platform Portal Overview

SAP Cloud Platform Portal enables lines of business to quickly and easily create and publish secure, scalable and attractive business sites (e.g. extranets for supplier or partner) by providing central access to business content such as applications, reports, web content, videos, and more. SAP Cloud Platform Portal supports Fiori launchpad as an entry point for SAP Fiori apps as well as freestyle site templates and extensions.

Top Features

  • Site Creation: Cloud-based solution for easy site creation and consumption (business sites, self-service sites, and extensions to SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud for Customer)
  • Extend & Enrich: extend your existing business processes to external-facing scenarios such as suppliers, distributers, and customers or enrich cloud solutions with self-service scenarios
  • Standards Support: Supports modern web standards such as HTML5 (SAPUI5), OpenSocial, SAML2 and CMIS.
  • Powered by SAP Cloud Platform: SAP Cloud Platform Portal is powered by SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Secure exposure: Securely exposes information from on-premise SAP systems or SAP Cloud Platform via SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity and SAP Cloud PlatformPortal to end users.

Getting Started

Learn about how to register for a free and unlimited trial account, about onboarding process, terminology, supported browsers and platforms and get an overview on features and pricing.

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