Partner Webcast Series: SAP User Experience

Understanding the valuable role of our partners, we strive to enable them with the most up-to-date and key content. Check out the SAP User Experience Partner Webcast Series: in bi-weekly sessions we will cover various UX-related topics of the SAP solution portfolio.

SAP Portal and SAP Launchpad Service

The SAP Portal product portfolio provides employees, customers and partners an intuitive, single point of access to applications, content and analytics for cloud and on-premise scenarios via a flexible UI integration. SAP’s portal offering is available via various deployments options: SAP Enterprise Portal (on-premise) on the SAP NetWeaver platform and on SAP BTP we have the SAP Cloud Portal service (public cloud on Neo and multi-cloud environment) and the new (portal-like) SAP Launchpad service (public cloud on multi-cloud environment).

Featured Content

SAP Portal and Launchpad Service News Q1 2021

Become up-to-date with the latest product updates in the areas of SAP Portal (cloud and on-premise) and SAP Launchpad service!

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Enhance the Digital Workplace Experience using SAP Work Zone

This blog series covers some of the concepts of SAP Work Zone. You also learn how to setup SAP Work Zone and integrate it with other applications.

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SAP Launchpad Service: Direct and Tunneled Access

Read this blog by SAP consultant Arne Stich and learn about tunneled and direct access architecture for SAP Launchpad service.

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Browser Support of IE11 for SAP Launchpad Service and SAP Cloud Portal

SAP Cloud Portal service and SAP Launchpad service will no longer support IE11 starting with SAPUI5 1.88.

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Expert Content

SAP Launchpad Service

SAP Launchpad Service increases users’ productivity and efficiency by providing an intuitive, harmonized and central point of access to applications and services users need to fulfill their tasks. It also offers a seamless integration of content from SAP and third party solutions (cloud and on-premise) in a uniform style. This new service on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is available since September 1st, 2020.

Announcement Blog for Product LaunchOverview PresentationRoadmapGet more information on SAP Launchpad Service

SAP Cloud Portal Service (SAP BTP, Neo and Cloud Foundry environment)

Portal solution for building modern, cloud-based portal sites such as application launchpads or line of business home pages based on SAP Business Platform (SAP BTP, Neo or Cloud Foundry environment).

SAP Cloud Portal Service Overview PresentationMigrating SAP Fiori Launchpad Sites from Neo to the Cloud Foundry EnvironmentGet more information on SAP Cloud Portal Service

SAP Enterprise Portal

Proven platform for creating professional corporate portals unifying the access to SAP or 3rd party applications, content and services.

Maintenance Strategy for SAP NetWeaver 7.5SAP Enterprise Portal 7.5 Overview Presentation (Update February 2021)End of SAPUI5 Support for SAP NetWeaver 7.5Get more information on SAP Enterprise Portal

Transition from SAP Enterprise Portal to the Cloud

Get an overview on recommendations concerning SAP Enterprise Portal transition to SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Get more information on the transition to the cloud