SAP Mobile Development Kit

This page will provide developers resources such as tutorials, videos, use cases, and other resources on the SAP Mobile development kit (SAP MDK)


The SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK) enables developers and technical business users to build multi-channel applications. It allows you to build your application once, in an integrated development environment, and run it natively on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and as a web application (online) in the browser.

Top Use Cases

Build multi-channel applications

The MDK provides the power and performance of a native app. By generating metadata and JavaScript in the editor, which is translated to native code at runtime, you build your app once, deploy it to SAP Mobile Services, and your end users get a native iOS or Android app on their device. The same metadata can also be deployed to the web to run the same application in the browser.

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Deploy updates easily

You can easily deploy your updated app to your end users with a few clicks, without going through the code-signing process. The MDK mobile client connects to SAP Mobile Services and updates the app content automatically. The MDK web application gets updated by reloading the page.

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Customize and extend apps with reusable components

Reusable components are stand-alone apps that can include pages, actions, rules and global variables. As stand-alone apps, they can be built, tested and updated separately from the main or primary MDK app. This provides you with an easy way to customize, add-on, or extend existing apps without touching the primary app.

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