Developer Resources for SAP BTP SDK for iOS

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SAP BTP SDK for iOS enables you to quickly develop your own native apps with Swift. The SDK extends the standard Swift Apple iOS frameworks with the reusable UI components from the SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language, and provides APIs which seamlessly integrate apps with SAP BTP services.

The main components of the SAP BTP SDK for iOS include:

  • An extensible and configurable UI library for business application development, implementing the SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language.
  • SAP Fiori for iOS which includes full support for iOS native features like Dark Mode, CoreML, ARKit and Mac Catalyst.
  • SAP BTP SDK Assistant for iOS, which bootstraps new projects by generating onboarding, authentication, security, and data layer Swift code, including Swift object classes for OData entities.
  • A complete Data Service API for OData Offline and Online using SAP Mobile Services.

Use Cases

Native iOS development and apps

The SAP BTP SDK for iOS is based on the Apple Swift programming language, which emphasizes efficiency and ease of use when developing apps. The SAP BTP SDK for iOS supplements the Swift SDK with features that simplify the development of enterprise-ready, native iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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SDK frameworks and components

The SAP BTP SDK for iOS frameworks and components are self-contained blocks of specific functionality, allowing developers to choose and implement only the components required for their mobile apps.

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Support for OData

The SAP BTP SDK for iOS and backend SAP Mobile Services support both online and offline functionality for OData services. The SDK extends Apple iOS standard HTTPS networking APIs for authentication with SAP BTP, and supports transactional synchronization, using delta updates between the backend service provider and encrypted mobile device.

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