SAP Cloud Platform mobile services is an open standards-based cloud platform that enables simple mobile application development, configuration, and management.

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SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services Solution Architecture

Mobile solutions come in many flavors and software architects are sometimes struggling choosing the right components for their mobile scenario. It is also important that the chosen architecture fits perfectly into existing customer landscapes, which vary vastly.

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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android enables you to quickly develop your own native apps using Android Studio and your preferred programming language. Along with SAP Fiori for Android, which brings the Fiori Design to the Android platform, the SDK also allows you to tap into the services and functions available in the SAP Cloud Platform so you can build powerful and elegant native applications.

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Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS helps you in developing iOS native apps that make use of the various features of the SAP Cloud Platform such as registration, logging, online OData, offline OData, push notification and SAP Fiori for iOS.

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Mobile Development Kit

Mobile development kit lets you rapidly build cross platform mobile applications for iOS and Android using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK controls

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