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(NEW) Version 1.7 is released

With our latest release of SAP Mobile Start, some powerful security features to our app are added. Learn more about what's new.

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(NEW) A best-in-class user experience with native Apple platform capabilities

Learn how SAP Mobile Start uses the native capabilities offered by iOS to provide the best user experience for end users

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SAP Mobile Start – Brings the Intelligent Enterprise to every mobile SAP user

SAP Mobile Start is the native entry point into the Intelligent Enterprise suite. It serves as your daily companion and provides all required business processes and data in one mobile application you need to deliver your day-to-day activities on mobile devices.

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Enjoy a quick demo on the main features of SAP Mobile Start

Get to know the main features and functions of SAP Mobile Start in a short inspiring demo video or by dowloading the app from Apple App Store and using the demo mode.

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Getting started with SAP Mobile Start

Integration with SAP S/4HANA

Learn how to mobile enable your digital core. The specific steps related to SAP S/4HANA integration that is covered in the above "getting started" overview blogpost is separately listed here.

Use CIAS to simplify integration with SAP S/4HANAInstalling and configuring SAP Cloud ConnectorSetting up principal propagationSetting up content federationEnabling cloud and mobile notifications

Handling native capabilities

Get to know Mobile Personas

For the end-user it is extremely important to be able to directly access the web and native apps that they require to drive their day-to-day tasks on mobile devices and that these seamlessly integrate with each other. Based on expert and customer feedback we have defined this content for different personas that showcases how customers could customize their systems to support these personas to enable best-in-class user experience and operational efficiencies.

AuditorEmployee and People ManagerFinance ManagerHiring Manager and Temporary WorkerIndustrial Hygienist and the Environmental EngineerInventory ManagerProduction SupervisorProject ManagerPurchaser and Strategic BuyerRetail Store ManagerTreasury ManagerWarehouse ClerkYard Logistics Operator

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