SAP Medallion Partner Community Program

Learn from SAP Medallion community program partners and their customers who are unlocking the intelligent enterprise with SAP Leonardo. These community members combine next-gen technologies, including Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Blockchain, as well as their industry expertise to achieve success.

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Power the Intelligent Enterprise

Accenture is committed to be the number one innovator and implementer of SAP solutions, with clear leadership in intelligent enterprise transformation, business process improvement, value delivery and application management. More than 50,000 SAP practitioners bring unmatched global expertise across the full SAP solutions portfolio and across new technologies such as applied analytics, big data, IoT, machine learning, blockchain and cloud.

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From promise to payoff -- realizing the potential of SAP Leonardo to drive business in the new digital world.

As a global SAP partner, Capgemini is one of the largest and most experienced SAP systems integrators. 17,500 SAP practitioners leverage Capgemini’s four decades of SAP experience to serve 1,300 clients around the world. Capgemini recognizes the potential for SAP Leonardo and understands how to help organizations leverage emerging technologies for competitive advantage. They are one of the first partners selected by SAP to join the Medallion program and have built a Leonardo CoE in Europe to develop use cases and accelerators to augment the S/4HANA digital core with plans to expand across the globe.

Launch your digital transformation

When it comes to implementing SAP, the fastest path to value requires dedicated tools, teams, and methods that are ready-to-roll and time-tested. With a worldwide practice of over 18,000 SAP Practitioners in more than 135 countries, Deloitte delivers SAP business results faster and better than any other vendor in the world. Deloitte also holds the highest level of strategic alliance with SAP: Global Partner— Services

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Innovate, Integrate, and Scale

Digitization is transforming how companies in every industry go to market, interact with customers, and carry out their operations. The ability to deliver business value using new technologies is critical to moving forward with new ideas and creative applications.

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