SAP MaxDB Version 7.9.10 is released

Starting in January 2020 this SAP MaxDB version will replace all previous database versions.

SAP MaxDB version is released in 2022.


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About SAP MaxDB

Read about SAP MaxDB to get an impression of SAP MaxDB, a competitive database management system for medium to large server configurations and also a convincing offering for a desktop or laptop database management system.

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Insight SAP MaxDB

Today, about 25,000 SAP customer installations run on SAP MaxDB and SAP liveCache technology proving SAP MaxDB's reliability, scalability, and availability. The key benefits of SAP MaxDB are its many built-in self-administering features.

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Support of SAP MaxDB

Read the HowTo guides dealing with various topics in using SAP MaxDB. For database administration and database internal topics you can download recorded expert sessions and their scripts. In the support guide you get hints concerning problem analyses.

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SAP MaxDB Key Topics

SAP MaxDB is a database management system developed and supported by SAP SE. Learn more about SAP MaxDB components and SAP liveCache technology.

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Product Availability

Get insight into SAP MaxDB’s database strategy. SAP MaxDB is available for the most prominent operating system/hardware platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Unix.

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