Cloud Deployment of SAP Master Data Governance

The SAP Master Data Governance product portfolio provides various deployment options to flexibly support given business needs and system landscapes. This page informs particularly about cloud deployment options.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for master data governance

Functional scope comprises a subset of the capabilities provided with SAP Master Data Governance on S/4HANA (on premise)

  • Enables local governance inside SAP S/4HANA Cloud system
  • Applicable for customer, supplier and product master data
  • Features consolidation, mass processing and data quality management

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    SAP S/4HANA Cloud for master data governance, private edition

    Functional scope corresponds to the scope of SAP Master Data Governance on S/4HANA (on premise)

    • Can be deployed as one enterprise-wide hub
    • Enables managing core and application-specific master data attributes based on S/4HANA data models
    • Applicable for customer, supplier, product, financial, enterprise asset and retail master data, and provides openness for custom-defined objects
    • Features consolidation, central governance incl. mass processing, process analytics and data quality management

    For information about SAP S/4HANA Cloud for master data governance, private edition, extra stack, see this SAP Community blog post.

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    Find comprehensive information on the following SAP Community Topic Pages:

    SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition

    Complementary deployment option.   

    • To centrally manage core (application-agnostic) attributes of Business Partner data based on SAP One Domain Model and let the management of application-specific attributes in the hands of the de-central applications. 
    • This way, organizations will be able to take a more modular approach and better balance central and de-central master data management processes. 
    • This approach is planned to enable organizations to govern master data exactly where it is best understood.


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