SAP Marketing Cloud FAQ

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Campaigns with Open Channel Integration

Are you creating your own campaign actions to send data for further processing to an external system, such as SAP Cloud Platform? Or do you want to bring external data into your SAP Marketing Cloud campaigns? Find and ask questions that support you with your integration tasks.

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B2B Contact-to-Account Relationships

Are you planning to adopt B2B Contact-to-Account Relationship capabilities in SAP Marketing Cloud? And you have realized that you need to change the Integration from Sales Cloud to SOAP-based technology? Find the most critical questions and answers that support you in this topic.

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Integration with SAP Qualtrics Surveys

Are you integrating SAP Marketing/SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Qualtrics Surveys and have some questions? If yes, browse through the most commonly asked questions related to data load, integration errors, iFlows, segmentation, and supported question types.

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Marketing Events

Are you using Marketing Events app to integrate your events data with SAP Marketing Cloud? Browse the most commonly asked questions related to scope, process flow, integration flow, extensibility, APIs, and so on.

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Marketing Analytics

As an analytics specialist or key user are you using SAP Analytics Cloud to build custom stories and operational reports? Check the Marketing Analytics FAQ for valuable tips and solutions. 

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Marketing Planning and Performance

Are you using SAP Marketing Cloud Planning and wondering what it is about? Browse the most commonly asked questions about planning budgets, programs, campaigns, and spends.

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