Create a new Withholding Tax Report using Advanced Compliance Reporting

This page provides information on creating a new withholding tax report using the SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting on SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


Information provided here is as per features available on SAP S/4HANA Cloud release 1905. There might be slight variations to screen and field names in other release versions.

Sample Scenarios

You would like to create a WHT report for a country, for which this report is not available as a part of the standard delivery.


  1. The new report definition must use existing data sources such as BRF+ functions, data base tables and CDS views.
  2. Schema can be created using the XSD files provided by the authorities, a CDS view or a custom business object which meets the requirement. However, you can only use the fields available in the data source (point 1) for mapping.


  • You have administrative access to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  • You have implementation experience on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  • You are familiar with the implementation of Advanced Compliance Reporting on SAP S/4HANA Cloud.



Business RolesBusiness Role ID
Configuration Expert - Business Process ConfigurationSAP _ BR _ BPC _ EXPERT


The implementation is across the following apps and configuration steps (SSCUI), and these are accessible via the SAP FIORI dashboard.


In the Define Compliance Reports application, parameters are added to the report definition. Report definition is assigned to a reporting activity. The report activity is then assigned to the report category. These parameters help the system to find the data for the output of a specific report. You enter the values of the parameters to enable the system to create a complete and correct output document.

Key implementation Considerations

Define Compliance Report app

ImplementationImplementation considerations
Report definition
  • Create a Report Definition. 
  • While creating the report, note that it is not necessary to input information about Correspondence Definition and Event Handler. They are optional for the setup of the WHT report. 
  • Include Parameters in addition to those that are a part of the new report definition. 
  • Specify Parameter behavior, such as whether its input should be multiple selection, optional, hidden or read only. 
  • Define Queries based on the existing CDS views database tables. There are three queries to be created, one to retrieve report header data, another to retrieve withholding items data and the third to query reporting logs. 
  • To create the WHT file, you upload a file format as specified by the authorities (such as XML and JSON). This would create a schema. With the schema, you create a document, which is then to be mapped to fields in an existing CDS.
  • Report Category
  • Create a Report Category. 
  • Assign existing Organizational units such as company code, business area, business place, section code and tax jurisdiction. 
  • Assign Reporting Definition to the reporting activity
  • Configure Compliance

    Column Name 1Column Name 2
    Define Compliance Reporting Entities   
  • Select the following under Manage Your Solution app:
  •      - Finance as the Application Area
  •      - Localization as the Sub Application Area
  •      - Cross-country as Configuration
  • Select Configurations from the list of configuration steps. 
  • Create a New Entity and then link the report category to the new entity.
  • Run Compliance App

    The implementation of the Run Compliance app is as per standard guidelines.